Soap & Glory Dr Spot Super Strength Breakout Clearing Gel



We’ve all been there. Three days before the event (or in my case a holiday) you’ve been looking forward to for ages, and you wake up with a huge red spot ruining your face which has been really nice and clear lately. Nightmare. I reached out to my friends and said HELP ME! One told me Soap & Glory Dr Spot Super Strength Breakout Clearing Gel is a miracle worker, so I went out and bought it the same day.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t think Soap & Glory for this kind of product. To me, Soap & Glory has always been a fun, luxury brand for nice face masks and body scrubs, not a sensible skin care brand that sells serious spot treatments. Turns out, I’ve been missing out!

Dr Spot has salicylic and lactic acids to fight spots by peeling away dead skin cells, plus other exciting sounding things which are supposed to soothe irritation, reduce redness and slow down oil secretion. It’s an invisible gel which you apply to individual spots with a clean finger. It’s best to use it twice a day, but you can put makeup over the top in the morning so that’s no problem.

I will admit I was sceptical about how this would work, but the next morning after just one application, my spot was visibly smaller and less red. I wish you could have seen it (except it was gross, so I don’t). I won’t lie, this doesn’t work miracles. My spot wasn’t gone overnight, or even after a few days of using. But this definitely helped reduce the size and redness much more quickly than other spot treating products I’ve tried. It also didn’t leave my skin sore or dry like some harsh spot remedies (think toothpaste).

The only downside to this product is that I seem to be left with red marks after the spots are gone. This may just be me though. It’s something I’m pretty used to unfortunately as it seems to be how my skin deals with spots, even if I leave them completely alone. It’s so depressing. Any tips for making them go away?


Summer Wishlist 2014

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It’s been ages since I’ve done a wishlist post, largely because I have been completely spoilt rotten over Christmas and my birthday and have got virtually everything I could think of. However, as Summer is just around the corner, I have put my thinking cap on and come up with some things I would love to have tried by the end of the Summer. Perhaps it will give you some ideas of products to try!

Jo Malone Peony & Blush Suede Candle – I have the Peony & Blush Suede cologne by Jo Malone and it is just so delicious smelling – floral and fruity and fresh all at the same time. Why wouldn’t I want my house to smell like it to? I am also just a total candle junkie.

Nars Orgasm Blush – A friend let me try this a year ago and I have been wanting to purchase it ever since. It was basically the first blush which made me realise I can look good with blush! I’ve never looked back. It’s such a gorgeous shade and looks amazing for a night out.

Michael Todd Pumpkin Mask – After I had a complete disaster using Glam Glow’s Supermud mask (it completely broke me out like crazy) I am keen to get back on the horse and try another mask. I remember hearing great things about Michael Todd from Fleur de Force so I’d love to try it. The Pumpkin Mask in particular is supposed to be great for controlling problem skin.

Body Shop Vitamin E Hand and Nail Treatment – The other thing I am a junkie for is hand cream. I use it all the time, often more than once a day, otherwise my hands get dry and feel horrible. I really like the Body Shop Vitamin E range for the face, so I figure why not try the Hand and Nail Treatment?

Lush Turkish Delight Shower Smoothie – This is a body cleanser for in the shower which has a lovely rose scent. I haven’t tried any of the Lush Shower Smoothies yet, but I’d love to, especially as I can’t take baths so much any more. I think it would make my shower routine a bit more luxurious on days when I don’t just want to be in and out of the shower as quick as possible.

Soap and Glory Orangeasm Body Wash – I smelt this in the Boots the other day and I thought it smelt great. It’s much fruitier and fresher than a lot of Soap and Glory’s usual scents, so it will be interesting to try it out! Also, got to love that name!

Soap & Glory The Breakfast Scrub


I have been wanting to try this scrub for ages now because it’s one of those products everyone seems to love. I was lucky enough to be given it for Christmas and have been using it for the last couple of weeks.

The Breakfast Scrub is an oat, shea butter and sugar scrub containing  bananas, almond and honey extracts. As with all Soap & Glory products, this scrub smells amazing. It took me a while to place the exact scent – sweet and sugary, almost like brown sugar, but not floral or fruity -but after checking the tub I realised it’s actually maple syrup! Yummy!

The scrub is a thick paste consistency which you need to scoop up out the tub before you use it. It has very large grainy particles in it, much bigger than some other Soap & Glory scrubs like Flake Away. It makes it feel really nice and exfoliating.

I’m really enjoying this scrub and would definitely consider re-purchasing it. I like to alternate between this and using shower gel on a mitt to make sure I get luxury and also really good exfoliation each week.

What other Soap & Glory products should I be trying?

July / August 2013 Empties


I seem to have got through an excessive amount of products in the last 6-7 weeks so now seems the perfect time for an empties post. As there are so many, I thought I’d group some together. I’d better get started!

Body Products

Firstly, I have used up two little miniature bottles of shower gel – Radox Shower Smoothies Soul Soother and Soap & Glory Clean on Me Creamy Clarifying Shower Gel. I discussed these in more detail in a previous post so I won’t go into too much detail, but you can read more here if you would like.

I also finished my Sanctuary Mande Lular Sensuous Body Scrub. If you read my previous review of this product (here), you’ll know that I didn’t really rate its exfoliating power.  I have to say it grew on me the more I used it, but not enough to persuade me to repurchase it. I think I’d rather try something different. It did however prove to be invaluable when I had a bit of a fake tan disaster a few weeks ago. More on that to come in a future post!

Finally, I used up a Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Body Wash. I never got round to reviewing this properly so I’ll give you a few thoughts here. I absolutely adore the smell of the Sugar Crush range. It’s incredibly sweet – a mixture of sugar and lime. However, I was disappointed to find that the smell of the body wash really doesn’t linger on your skin at all.  The body wash itself lathers well and I think the pump feature is a clever idea. £6.50 seems a little expensive for a body wash but I have to say this has lasted me absolutely ages – a pump or two goes a really long way, particularly if you use a body puff or exfoliating glove that helps to lather it, rather than applying it with your hand. I wouldn’t repurchase this particular product, but I will definitely try more of the Sugar Crush range.

Hair Products

I managed to finish two different conditioners in the last few weeks because I had two that were half – three quarters empty. The two I finished were the Soap & Glory Glad Hair Day Conditioner which I reviewed here and Pantene Pro V Classic Care Conditioner. The Pantene is my absolute go-to conditioner and I have already repurchased it. I have never found anything which leaves my long, thick hair feeling as smooth, silky and hydrated.

I also finished a bottle of Herbal Essences Beautiful Ends Shampoo. I love this shampoo and, no matter how many different shampoos I try, I always end up going back to this. It smells really delicious and fruity like raspberries and it makes my hair really glossy and leaves the ends in excellent condition.

Face Products

I finished a bottle of Garnier Clean & Fresh Invigorating Toner. I used this toner religiously for a couple of months at the beginning of the year and then I totally forgot about it. When I found it again I realised how much I missed it. It feels so refreshing and clean on your skin. There have been a lot of questions recently in the beauty world about whether toners are necessary any more. I’m no expert, but all I can say is that on occasions, this toner picks up bits of make up which my cleanser has missed, so in my mind it’s worth it just for that. I think I’ll try a couple of different toners out of interest and then probably go back to this one!

The eyelash curlers aren’t exactly ’empty’ but they are on their last legs so I am throwing them out. They were Boots own eyelash curlers which cost £4.50. They were perfectly adequate and lasted me a long time, but I much prefer my Tweezerman curlers which I am using now.


Last but not least I also finished another candle. This is the Glade Warm Orange and Spice candle which I absolutely love.