Soap & Glory Dr Spot Super Strength Breakout Clearing Gel



We’ve all been there. Three days before the event (or in my case a holiday) you’ve been looking forward to for ages, and you wake up with a huge red spot ruining your face which has been really nice and clear lately. Nightmare. I reached out to my friends and said HELP ME! One told me Soap & Glory Dr Spot Super Strength Breakout Clearing Gel is a miracle worker, so I went out and bought it the same day.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t think Soap & Glory for this kind of product. To me, Soap & Glory has always been a fun, luxury brand for nice face masks and body scrubs, not a sensible skin care brand that sells serious spot treatments. Turns out, I’ve been missing out!

Dr Spot has salicylic and lactic acids to fight spots by peeling away dead skin cells, plus other exciting sounding things which are supposed to soothe irritation, reduce redness and slow down oil secretion. It’s an invisible gel which you apply to individual spots with a clean finger. It’s best to use it twice a day, but you can put makeup over the top in the morning so that’s no problem.

I will admit I was sceptical about how this would work, but the next morning after just one application, my spot was visibly smaller and less red. I wish you could have seen it (except it was gross, so I don’t). I won’t lie, this doesn’t work miracles. My spot wasn’t gone overnight, or even after a few days of using. But this definitely helped reduce the size and redness much more quickly than other spot treating products I’ve tried. It also didn’t leave my skin sore or dry like some harsh spot remedies (think toothpaste).

The only downside to this product is that I seem to be left with red marks after the spots are gone. This may just be me though. It’s something I’m pretty used to unfortunately as it seems to be how my skin deals with spots, even if I leave them completely alone. It’s so depressing. Any tips for making them go away?


Soap & Glory The Breakfast Scrub


I have been wanting to try this scrub for ages now because it’s one of those products everyone seems to love. I was lucky enough to be given it for Christmas and have been using it for the last couple of weeks.

The Breakfast Scrub is an oat, shea butter and sugar scrub containing  bananas, almond and honey extracts. As with all Soap & Glory products, this scrub smells amazing. It took me a while to place the exact scent – sweet and sugary, almost like brown sugar, but not floral or fruity -but after checking the tub I realised it’s actually maple syrup! Yummy!

The scrub is a thick paste consistency which you need to scoop up out the tub before you use it. It has very large grainy particles in it, much bigger than some other Soap & Glory scrubs like Flake Away. It makes it feel really nice and exfoliating.

I’m really enjoying this scrub and would definitely consider re-purchasing it. I like to alternate between this and using shower gel on a mitt to make sure I get luxury and also really good exfoliation each week.

What other Soap & Glory products should I be trying?

Boots Beauty Advent Calendar Days 16-20

I can’t quite believe how deliciously close we are to Christmas! It is so exciting! My post today is another advent calendar update because you seem to be enjoying them!


When I first opened door number 16 I was a little disappointed because the gift was just a bog standard nail file. However, it actually turned out to be quite useful when I snapped a nail mere hours later!


I am thrilled with what was behind door 17 though: a travel size pot of Flake Away scrub from Soap & Glory. I had never tried this before but I am really loving it; it smells divine!


On the 18th I got yet another disappointing perfume sample. This one was a different fragrance by Ghost. It excited me so little I don’t even remember what it was.


A lot of people really rate Carmex lip balms so I was excited to try this, however it just made my lips burn! Is it supposed to do that?


I am so excited to show you this one! Door number 20 revealed a gorgeous Mavala nail polish: Pure Diamond. I can’t wait to wear this, Mavala nail polishes are amazing!

Boots Beauty Advent Calendar Days 1-5

As we have now hit the 5th of December, I thought some of you would like to see what has been behind doors 1-5 of my Boots Beauty Advent Calendar. The back does actually list all of the products inside, but I don’t like spoilers so I haven’t read it! Apologies for the rubbish quality of some of the photos. They were taken on my phone very early so I was a little tired!


First was a travel size bottle of Soap and Glory Clean Girls Shower Gel.  This has a lovely vanilla fragrance with a subtle floral hint.


Day two was a Balmi Moisturising Lip Balm in raspberry. If you haven’t heard of  these before, they are basically little cubes which reveal a cone shaped lip balm when you unscrew the lid. It’s cute!


Day three is my favourite so far. It’s a full size Mavala nail polish in a gorgeous red colour called London. I’m new to Mavala polishes but I’m rapidly becoming a massive fan. They are very underrated in the UK!


Door number 4 opened upwards which was really peculiar and had me fooled for a bit. It was 6.30am! This is a sample of  Nina Ricci’s Nina L’eau perfume. It’s a gorgeous smelling perfume, but I think a sample this size is a bit cheap for such an expensive advent calendar.


The last door I have opened so far is number 5. It’s a sample of Rimmel’s Stay Matte foundation in Ivory. It’s a little dark for my skin tone, but I can just about get away with it. I wore it yesterday and it did indeed stay matte all day! It’s quite a good coverage foundation and I’d definitely consider a full size if I can get a better shade.

That’s it so far, stay tuned for another update in a few days!

Pampering Evening

Now the weather has cooled off a little in the UK, I decided to treat myself to a pampering evening. Here’s my idea of heaven!

I started by removing all of my make up with my La Roche-Posay Physiological Cleansing Gel and Garnier Fresh Essentials Toner so that my face felt fresh and clean.


I then ran a luxurious bubble bath. Today I used the Lush Comforter bubble bar. I just crumbled a quarter of the bubble bar under running water.


I of course made sure I had a candle burning! I used the a Glade candle in the Orange and Spice scent.


After I finished my bath I used my Sanctuary body scrub with some exfoliating gloves to exfoliate my skin.


I also used the Soap and Glory No Clogs Allowed Deep Pore Detox Mask.


I then moisturised my skin with my Body Shop Cocoa Body Butter.


I also applied my Garnier Day Cream to areas of dry skin on my face. I know it’s technically a day cream, but as I haven’t found a night cream I love yet I use it sparingly in the evening too sometimes.


Finally I polished my nails with Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Advanced Strengthener and used some Body Shop Hemp Hand Protector Cream.


Review: Soap and Glory Glad Hair Day Conditioner


Soap and Glory Glad Hair Day Conditioner – £5.50

As I mentioned in a previous post, I have heard so many good things about Soap and Glory that a while back I stocked up on a bunch of different products. I was about to head to the tills when I spotted this conditioner and bought it on impulse. This turned out not to be the best strategy for shopping because I didn’t have opportunity to read the label properly and see that there is actually a different conditioner for thick hair; this is designed for fine to normal hair. However, I’m going to give you my thoughts anyway with that initial health warning.

The first thing I have to say is that this may be the nicest smelling conditioner I have used. It contains raspberry and is really sweet and fruity. For that reason I was really excited to try it. Like all Soap and Glory products, the packaging is also really fun, eye catching and pink! It will certainly give you plenty to read in the shower….

Overall though, I have to say I was disappointed. The conditioner itself seemed to disappear as soon as it touched my hair (in this instance a little did not go a long way at all). Unlike really thick, creamy conditioners (for example the Pantene Pro V range) this doesn’t seem to leave all of your hair feeling conditioned and my hair didnt feel smooth or silky afterwards. This may be partly due to the fact it isn’t designed for thick hair like mine, but I think it is also partly due to the formula of the conditioner itself. I think it would probably suit someone with quite fine hair, but not anyone with hair that is normal-thick or hair that is dry and damaged and requires a deeper, stronger conditioner.

The plus side to this conditioner is it is designed to have no build up so you can continue using the same conditioner indefinitely if you find it works for you.

Let me know if you have used this conditioner and what other Soap and Glory products I should be trying.

Testing products – part one


Ever been really excited to try a new product, only to find you absolutely hate it, but you don’t want to throw it away because you spent so much money on it so you persevere even though you don’t like it? A great solution to this is buying or collecting samples or travel sizes of the products you want to try before you invest in the full size.

I have been doing this a LOT recently. Here are some of the products I have been trying and what I think of them:

Simple Kind to Eyes Eye Make Up Remover – A friend sent me this product in the post to try. You can buy the miniature versions of a lot of Simple’s products in places like Boots, particularly in the summertime, as they are sold as travel sizes. I must say the miniature version of this product is quite useful as you can pop it in your make up bag if you are travelling.

This product is great at removing standard eye make up, but not good at removing waterproof mascara – you need to scrub quite a lot. I personally don’t find that this is “kind to eyes”. My eyes are quite sensitive and are notoriously bad with eye make up removers. When I tried to use this product to remove mascara, my eyes ended up so sore I could hardly open them for at least 5 minutes afterwards. However, I have actually bought the full size bottle now because I find it is excellent for touching up eyeliner. I put a tiny bit on a cotton bud and use it to remove that little bit which might have smudged or not been as perfectly drawn as I’d like. This is far more precise than trying to use a make up remover wipe or pad and I personally think more hygenic than the make up corrector pens you can buy.

Schwarzkopf BC Oil Miracle – My hairdresser gave me a small sample of this oil after my hair cut was finished the other day (I say gave, I actually bought it). It is essentially a finishing oil which you can apply to the main body and ends of your hair to make it look glossy and salon styled. I’d avoid the roots so you don’t make them look greasy.

This product smells quite strongly of roses. It’s really good – so fresh and floral. I wouldn’t say I have seen it make a massive difference to how my hair looks, but I love wearing it as perfume for my hair! I guess my conclusion is, I’m enjoying using this sample, but I won’t be spending £10-15 on a full size because I just don’t think it does enough to justify that price.


Soap and Glory Clean on Me Creamy Clarifying Shower Gel – I have heard amazing things about Soap and Glory, so I bought several of their products to try. This shower gel has a creamy, slightly fruity scent, although it is nowhere near as sweet as the Sugar Crush range. It lathers well and leaves the skin feeling smooth and clean. So will I be buying the full size version? I’m afraid not. Whilst I don’t have anything particularly bad to say about this shower gel, it didn’t wow me. The full size bottle is £6 which is a fair bit more than your average shower gel. This would have needed to have wowed me for me to justify a spend of £6 when I could buy a product that does the same thing for £2.99.

Radox Shower Smoothies Soul Soother – This is another travel size bottle which is freely available in places like Boots and Superdrug. I really like the scent of this shower gel – it’s really sweet. It contains chamomile, blackcurrant and cranberry, so it’s both creamy and fruity at the same time. It also lathers well and is an easy shower gel to use. However, I absolutely hate the cranberry seeds which are included in the shower gel. I find they get everywhere you don’t want them (!) and are really irritating and also entirely unnecessary! SAM_0187

Elemis Skin Clear Mattifying Moisturiser – This moisturiser came free with a magazine (either Glamour or Cosmo, I can’t remember which) which is another great place you can find samples of products to try. This moisturiser is designed to tackle oily prone skin, reduce redness and minimise blemishes. It absorbs really well and seems to tackle any dry patches quite well, however, I can’t quite express how much I hate the smell – a really strong tea tree scent. I guess some people might like this as it is admittedly a refreshing and clean smell, however, it just smells too overpowering to me and I would prefer something much more subtle on my face all day long!