Rimmel Natural Bronzer in Sun Bronze


Yes, I’m going to talk about a bronzer. You never thought you’d see the day did you? As a rule, I don’t wear bronzer. Literally never. I just don’t think it suits my colouring to look tanned. Having said that, I never used to wear blusher and now I’m addicted, so I think bronzer is something I should keep trying.

This bronzer was part of a deal on in Boots; it was free when you spent a certain amount of money. I chose the shade 022 Sun Bronze because it looked like the only one pale enough to be acceptable for my English Rose complexion. The bronzer is supposedly waterproof and contains SPF 15, both of which are great if you are into bronzer in a big way.

I have now worn this a couple of times and I am surprised to say it actually looks reasonable on me, especially because it’s summer. It’s not too pigmented and it blends well, so it can actually look quite natural. I expected to look like a tangerine. There’s a tiny amount of shimmer in it, but it just gives a slight shimmer when you catch the light, it isn’t too over the top.

If I wore bronzer, this is definitely something I’d consider using regularly. Unfortunately, it hasn’t converted me. I think I just look better with pale skin. Does anyone else feel like that?



Sleek Blusher – Flushed


Sleek Blusher – £4.49

I bought this Sleek blusher a fair while ago now for a specific make up related project I was working on (I might do a post on it if I can find photos from it), but I haven’t actually worn it as a blusher myself.

SAM_0132I really like the packaging of this Sleek blusher. They are fairly inexpensive, and yet the compact is really sophisticated and makes it look like a far more high-end product than it actually is. I also think the little mirror in the lid is an excellent addition and makes it a perfect handbag product.

The colour I bought is called Flushed – a really deep, rich red. I’m not going to lie, it looks pretty terrifying when you open the lid, especially if you have pale skin like me. I am also a complete novice when it comes to blush, so this colour is even more scary! However, I decided to take the plunge and try it today.

If you have pale skin, this colour needs a fair bit of blending in, however, it does actually blend down to quite a nice colour – a naturally rosy, flushed look. It just shows that you shouldn’t be afraid to try things!

This has inspired me to try more Sleek blushes – what colours would you recommend?