Incense Aroma Incense Powder


Some of my regular readers might have noticed that I got a comment on my Body Shop Ceramic Crackled Oil Burner post from Incense Aroma suggesting I try some of their incense powder in my oil burner.  It sounded really exciting so I ordered a free sample. Sadly their free sample offer is no longer valid, but there’s a discount code below if you are interested!

You simply put one teaspoon of your chosen powder (which as you can see is not what you might traditionally call powder) into the top of your oil burner and then light a tea light underneath. The room fills with a really strong fragrance, much stronger than standard oils, and it is really long lasting: up to four hours!


The hardest part of this experience was choosing which fragrance to order. Incense Aroma have 18 different fragrances to choose from, and the powders are all pretty colours! You can browse the range here: Incense Aroma.

I went for classic Vanilla in the end because I adore vanilla, but I am very tempted to order some more, particularly Vanilla Coffee, Cinnamon, Island Spice and Beautiful. I was really pleased with the depth and sweetness of the smell, it was so wonderful great big vanilla hug every time I moved.

If you fancy giving Incense Aroma a try, you can use the discount code SCENT10 to get 10% off an order purchased before 4 July 2014.

Body Shop Ceramic Crackled Oil Burner

SAM_1790 - Copy

My lovely boyfriend got me a Ceramic Crackled Oil Burner from Body Shop for Christmas and I’ve been using it a lot recently to make my new bedroom feel more like a home, so I thought it was about time I talk about it.

The idea is that you fill the little well at the top half full with water and add a few drops of home fragrance oil. I am using the Body Shop Lavender Home Fragrance Oil which has a lovely sweet floral scent. Then pop a tea light inside the burner and light it. The heat of the candle will warm the oil and release the fragrance.

I am enjoying this for two reasons, firstly I love the warm, gentle fragrance it releases. It’s the kind you don’t necessarily notice all the time, but occasionally you move and it wafts over you. The lavender fragrance is really comforting and homely. Secondly, I think it’s a gorgeous little ornament, lit or unlit. It adds a little touch of class to your shelf or bedside table and, when it’s lit, a warm glow.

My only warning would be to keep an eye on it and blow out the tea light when the water level gets too low. You should ideally only burn the tea light for 20 minutes, but I kind of ignore that most of the time. Also be careful of your surfaces and consider using a placemat to protect them. The burner gets quite hot and could damage them.

Can anyone now recommend me more home fragrance oils to use in my burner?

April 2014 Favourites


First up I apologise for April favourites being a bit late. It’s been a bit of a hectic last couple of weeks. It was my birthday, I got a horrible cold, and I got engaged! But now I’ve finally got round to it, I might as well dive straight in!

Jo Malone Peony and Blush Suede Cologne – This perfume was a cheeky treat to myself when I was in John Lewis shopping with my now fiancé. I have loved this fragrance for months, ever since a sample was sent to me. In my opinion it’s the best of all the Jo Malone fragrances. It’s floral and light, but has a hint of rich fruitiness. It’s perfect for Spring and Summer.

Mavala Nail Polish in Sand Rose – I am a huge fan of Mavala polishes and I am building up quite a collection now. I liked this one because it was much warmer than the normal nudes you get. It’s a pinky peach on the nails with an ever-so subtle hint of pearlescent shine. It wears really well and looks great with everything. As I discovered the other day, it’s a great base for nail art designs too.

Liz Earle Instant Boost Skin Tonic – After my last toner disaster, I was quite nervous to try this, but I really didn’t need to be. It has suited my skin so well. The fragrance is a bit mature, but it leaves my skin feeling really fresh and clean but not dry or tight, thank goodness!

Body Shop Ceramic Crackled Oil Burner – I just think this oil burner is such a beautiful accessory for the home. It looks gorgeous, and gives a really lovely subtle fragrance to a room.

Necklace – This gorgeous necklace is from Marks and Spencer. I spotted it while out shopping for my birthday, I liked it instantly because its so colourful and I knew it would look great with loads of different outfits, but it was £15 so I decided not to buy it. I went off to have my hair cut and when I got back my amazing mum had bought it for me! I love it because it makes a statement without being over the top or too in your face. I have been wearing it with simple silver or black studs.

Modern Family – My last favourite this month is a TV show which I have been binge watching over the last few weeks. The first two seasons of Modern Family are on UK Netflix and I have been watching it so much I am almost done and will have to find season 3 elsewhere. I just think its the perfect show for some light relief, as it’s funny, the writing is clever, and it isn’t too long so will fit in any time.