The Beauty Countdown to Your Wedding


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I got married just over 7 months ago now and in the midst of planning our wedding my skin was showing the tell-tale signs of stress, of course then I felt worse so I took action. Here’s my plan to get your beauty regime in check in time to face the cameras feeling wonderful.

Right away

Don’t hold out any longer, get your skin care sorted now. If you leave it too late you could end up with breakout’s, dry patches or oily skin on your big day. Never start a new regime 2 weeks or less before an event, this is the adjustment period for your skin. It’ll even out after this time and start to glow. Go to your nearest Dermalogica specialist and have your skin mapped, this will help you to know what care your skin needs and you’ll receive the best results.

Start getting regular trims and lay off the hair dye for a while, maybe have it done less often for now. You’ll want your hair in top condition for that top knot style you have your eye on.

Make sure you are eating healthily and getting your five-a-day, not only is this good for your skin and hair, it’ll also fight colds and illness in the busy run-up to the biggest day of your life.

2 Months to go

It’s getting exciting now, the dress is on order, the cake is booked and now it’s time for hair and makeup trials. Do your research and book a good stylist and makeup artist, many do both. Don’t be led by price alone, ask for a portfolio of previous work and ask friends and family for suggestions.

Book your trial for around 2 months before the big day then you have time to find someone else if you really aren’t happy. Go in with ideas of what you’d like but if it doesn’t suit you don’t be afraid to ask to try something different. Ask questions and let them advise you on colours and styles for you.

3 weeks to go

Treat you and your bridesmaids to a spa day, get pampered, relax and unwind. It’ll do you good to chill in the whirlwind that is wedding planning and see loved ones you may have neglected recently, maybe join it up with your hen do!

The day before

Anything that isn’t done now isn’t going to be done and you probably won’t even notice on the day so make sure you’re organised, wash your hair and relax, you’re getting married in the morning!

Getting into routine


Make sure you Cleanse, Tone and Moisturise twice daily, this will leave your skin healthy and in turn your makeup on the day will look smoother and more polished and will last to the first dance and beyond.

Every other day

Use a facial scrub and a lip scrub to rid you of any dead skin. That pout is going to be getting a lot of love on your big day and the last thing you want is sore, cracked lips. Wash your hair every other day to avoid disarming it of all it’s nutrients and natural oils.


Each week give your skin and hair a treat with intensive conditioning masks. You’ll notice a huge difference to your skin and hair within a few weeks of regular pampering