Soap & Glory The Breakfast Scrub


I have been wanting to try this scrub for ages now because it’s one of those products everyone seems to love. I was lucky enough to be given it for Christmas and have been using it for the last couple of weeks.

The Breakfast Scrub is an oat, shea butter and sugar scrub containing  bananas, almond and honey extracts. As with all Soap & Glory products, this scrub smells amazing. It took me a while to place the exact scent – sweet and sugary, almost like brown sugar, but not floral or fruity -but after checking the tub I realised it’s actually maple syrup! Yummy!

The scrub is a thick paste consistency which you need to scoop up out the tub before you use it. It has very large grainy particles in it, much bigger than some other Soap & Glory scrubs like Flake Away. It makes it feel really nice and exfoliating.

I’m really enjoying this scrub and would definitely consider re-purchasing it. I like to alternate between this and using shower gel on a mitt to make sure I get luxury and also really good exfoliation each week.

What other Soap & Glory products should I be trying?

Body Shop Coconut Body Scrub


Today I am reviewing the first of my Christmas gifts! I have been using it every other day since Christmas, so I think I am now in a position to discuss it fairly.

The Coconut Body Scrub is one of Body Shop’s best selling scrubs. It is designed to removes dead skin cells and stimulate microcirculation. It contains organic virgin coconut oil which is great for your skin. It has a gorgeous coconut scent. I find some of Body Shop’s products don’t really smell of what they are supposed to, but this one definitely does. Coconut is a great scent for bath and shower products. It feels a bit more luxurious than some of the fruity scents like Strawberry or Mango, but still smells clean and fresh, unlike some of their creamier smells like Shea or Cocoa. I love those scents, but for more for moisturisers than shower products.

To use the scrub, scoop some out of the tub and apply it to damp skin in a circular motion, then rinse thoroughly. I use it in the shower every other day, as I said. You could incorporate it into your bath routine, but then you will end up with bits of grainy scrub in your bath water which wouldn’t appeal to me.


The scrub has a creamy consistency with a medium thickness and contains gritty lumps (think hair conditioner with bits in). I’ve heard mention that these are bits of coconut shell, although I’m not sure. I really like the gritty, grainy texture as it really feels like the scrub is working, breaking down those dead skin cells. Pairing it with the creamy consistency is a clever idea; the hard and soft textures work really well together. The scrub leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth. It is a great addition to my shower routine and leaves the bathroom smelling like fresh coconut for ages afterwards!

If you really like the smell of this product and want it to be a bit more intense, I think the scrub would be great if you used it with the Body Shop Coconut Shower Cream and finished off with the Body Shop Coconut Body Butter.