Clinique Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector


This post has been a really long time coming, because I bought this product back in early June. The Clinical Dark Spot Corrector is designed to reduce the appearance of dark spots, age spots, and traces of old blemishes. I bought it because I suffer badly with red marks left behind by old spots, even if I leave them well alone.

To use this product, you pump a little in your hand, and rub into your skin where you have red marks. You can use it twice a day and I was promised up to a 58% reduction in redness in 12 weeks.

The product didn’t break me out, which is good news, and it was easy to fit into my skin care routine before moisturiser. Unfortunately, I didn’t see the miraculous results I was hoping for. I’d heard some people say their redness faded after as little as 3 weeks use. My redness has faded a little, but to be honest, I don’t think it was anything to do with this product. I mean 12 weeks passed, so you’d expect a little fading. The main mark I was concerned by is still there, just a little lighter.

I imagine this might work better on age spots and sun spots, but it doesn’t work very well on red marks left by spots and blemishes. Or at least it didn’t for me. Sorry Clinique, but for me, it wasn’t worth the hefty price tag.


July 2014 Favourites


I’m a little bit late on favourites this month, so apologies for that, and without further ado, here’s what I have been loving through this lovely warm July we’ve had in England!

Midi rings – I know I’m really late to the party with this one, but I spotted these adorable little midi rings in Dorothy Perkins the other day and I decided to take the plunge. I’m not sure why, but I think they are a super cute edition to a Summer outfit and I love how delicate and feminine they look.

Revlon Highlighting Palette in Rose Gold – I didn’t think anything could drag me away from my beloved L’Oreal True Match blush in True Rose, but I’ve been reaching for this more and more recently. I intend to write a full post on it shortly. It adds a beautiful shimmer to your cheek bones, and it has a little pop of rosy colour which gives a beautiful healthy glow to the cheeks. I find it works perfectly well by itself and I don’t need to use blusher with it.

Clinique Age Defense BB Cream – Since the weather has been warmer, I’ve been using this lots instead of foundation. It gives a really light, healthy, natural look.

Mac All Fired Up lipstick – I’ve pretty much fallen in love with this lipstick. It is one of the best quality lipsticks I’ve ever had; I can eat and drink and still barely need to reapply. It doesn’t smudge or bleed, even though it’s a dark, vibrant colour. It doesn’t need a lipliner and is super easy to apply so its perfect for Summer wear.

Essie Cute as a Button nail polish – I bought my first Essie polishes the other day and I’ve been really enjoying them. Cute as a Button (adorable name) is my favourite so far. It’s the perfect Summer coral colour. It’s really good quality and long lasting.

Clinique Age Defense BB Cream



As you will know if you read my Clinique Shopping Spree post, you will know I bought this product on a bit of a whim (an expensive whim). For a while I had been wanting a make-up product which would give me a little coverage at work but would be much lighter than foundation. For some reason, it popped into my head one day that I wanted to give a BB or CC cream a try, but I wasn’t really sure where to start looking or what product to buy.

I somehow found myself at the Clinique counter and asked the assistant for her recommendation. She explained that Clinique has designed their CC cream for drier skin and their BB cream for slightly oilier or combination skin. On that basis, I opted for the Clinique Age Defense BB Cream as I would class my skin as combination.

I asked the assistant to help me choose a colour. She thought shade 2 would be right and so tried a little on the side of my face. It looked invisible in the mirror so I agreed it was spot on. The website describes it as for “very fair to moderately fair complexions with golden undertones”. I have been really pleased with the colour because you really can’t tell it’s on my skin when I blend it in. I just look healthy, and a tiny bit tanned. I was really surprised that shade 2 was right for me, because I am honestly so pale when you look at me.

Clinique describes their BB cream as “a medium buildable coverage cream that reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, helps conceal imperfections and enhances skin’s complexion”. The formula is supposed to calm the skin whilst also protecting against UV and environmental damage.

The product has a really light, creamy texture and is super easy to apply. I often use my fingers instead of a brush, although both give a nice natural look. Even though the coverage is very light (which is what I wanted) I still feel like I have all my redness and blemishes covered which means I need less concealer than I would normally use. The coverage lasts all day and it doesn’t feel like I’m wearing makeup which is great.

The BB cream also has SPF 30 which is fantastic for a makeup product (a lot seem to be SPF 15 or 20). Wearing SPF every day helps to prevent red marks, according to the assistant at Clinique. It’s also really important in preventing ageing. I am reaching my mid twenties so this is something I am starting to think about.

I have really been enjoying this product so far and I’m glad I gave it a try. The only thing I am not sure about is the price. £26 seems a lot of money for makeup. It’s against my nature to spend that much. Perhaps someone can recommend me another high street BB cream for a more reasonable price?


Clinique Shopping Spree


I have often wandered around the Clinique section of Boots and thought about trying something, but up until very recently I hadn’t bitten the bullet and actually bought anything. However, I have now lost my Clinique virginity. I

I spoke to a lovely lady at the counter about my different skin needs and asked her to recommend some things for me to try.

First up,  the Clinique Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector. This is designed to reduce the appearance of dark spots, age spots, and red marks left by spots. The assistant explained I should use this twice a day and in 12 weeks I could see up to a 58% reduction in the couple of marks I have left from old blemishes. Fingers crossed!

I wanted a make-up product which would give me a little coverage at work but would be much lighter than foundation. My tinted moisturiser just isn’t working for me at the moment because it’s too dark, so I asked about whether I should get a BB cream or CC cream. The assistant explained that Clinique has designed their CC cream for drier skin and their BB cream for slightly oilier or combination skin. On that basis, I opted for the Clinique Age Defense BB Cream. The assistant helped me choose a colour (shade 2), and so far it’s been totally spot on shade wise.

Finally, I got a couple of little samples to try: Clinique All About Eyes and Clinique Superprimer Universal Face Primer. I’ve used the eye cream a bit. It is supposed to reduce the appearance of eye puffs, darkness and fine lines around the eyes. I like it so far; it doesn’t irritate my eyes and is nice and soothing.