June 2014 Favourites


Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquers – These lip lacquers are pretty fantastic, as I think you will probably have heard from other bloggers and vloggers. They are super pigmented, come in a gorgeous range of colours, look really shiny and glossy, and last really well!

Yankee Candle Black Plum Blossom – This smells so delicious – a gorgeous hybrid between floral and fruity. Also, have I mentioned I love Yankee Candle? I have been burning this candle for ages and still it’s going!

Body Shop Coconut Body Butter – My fiancé got me this body butter for Christmas and I have been loving using it during the hot weather to add some much needed moisture back into my skin. Coconut is probably not a scent I would immediately pick and I really don’t know why, because this smells delicious!

Trek Protein Flapjacks – I have been totally obsessed with these recently. They are way better for you than standard flapjacks because they have slightly lower sugar, no horrible E numbers, and around 10g of protein per bar. They come in loads of different flavours. I think my favourites are Cocoa and Cocoa Coconut.

Whittards Very Very Berry Tea – I spotted this about a month ago and held out for a bit, but eventually caved and bought it. It looks fantastic and good for you, it smells totally delicious (hints of vanilla), and tastes incredible – so fruity!

Accessorize Earrings – I think these might have featured in a favourites post before. They are a cute pair of Accessorize earrings which one of my closest friends got me for my birthday this year. They are so cute and Summery.


May 2014 Favourites


Body Shop Early-Harvest Raspberry Eau de Toilette – There’s not an awful lot I can say about this product except oh my goodness it smells so unbelievably good! Seriously, I just want to spray it everywhere all the time.

L’Oreal Super Liner Brow Artist – I got this 3-in-1 eyebrow pencil to use as an alternative to brown eyeshadow to darken my brows. I was hoping it will last a bit better in hot weather, which it seems to be so far. It has a brown pencil to darken, a small brush to shape with and tidy, and a wax to set the look. I love the effect it creates and it’s super easy to use.

Rimmel Stay Matte Long Lasting Pressed Powder – It’s been uncharacteristically warm in England recently which is lovely but means shine galore. Thankfully, I have my Rimmel powder on hand to help me out. It instantly mattifys my skin and lasts a pretty long time too. Life saver!

Lycon Spa Ingrown-X-It Solution – I bought this product to try on recommendation by a beauty therapist. It is designed to very mildly exfoliate, minimise the appearance and discomfort of ingrown hairs, and moisturise and smooth skin. You spray it on to dry skin after waxing and shaving and gently massage it in. It’s really helped me out recently so it was worth every penny!

Robinsons Squash’d – When I first saw the new Robinsons Squash’d, I thought what on earth is that and why would I need it in my life? Well it’s a small pot of highly concentrated squash you can keep in your bag and take with you to add a squeeze to some water wherever you are. It comes in a bunch of different flavours and has no added sugar. This is going to be a life saver this summer for me because I don’t like to drink a lot of plain water, but it’s hard to find squash in the usual kinds of places you buy a bottle of water. Now I can buy water and just add a squirt of this, instead of constantly drinking coke and other naughty fizzy drinks.

April 2014 Favourites


First up I apologise for April favourites being a bit late. It’s been a bit of a hectic last couple of weeks. It was my birthday, I got a horrible cold, and I got engaged! But now I’ve finally got round to it, I might as well dive straight in!

Jo Malone Peony and Blush Suede Cologne – This perfume was a cheeky treat to myself when I was in John Lewis shopping with my now fiancé. I have loved this fragrance for months, ever since a sample was sent to me. In my opinion it’s the best of all the Jo Malone fragrances. It’s floral and light, but has a hint of rich fruitiness. It’s perfect for Spring and Summer.

Mavala Nail Polish in Sand Rose – I am a huge fan of Mavala polishes and I am building up quite a collection now. I liked this one because it was much warmer than the normal nudes you get. It’s a pinky peach on the nails with an ever-so subtle hint of pearlescent shine. It wears really well and looks great with everything. As I discovered the other day, it’s a great base for nail art designs too.

Liz Earle Instant Boost Skin Tonic – After my last toner disaster, I was quite nervous to try this, but I really didn’t need to be. It has suited my skin so well. The fragrance is a bit mature, but it leaves my skin feeling really fresh and clean but not dry or tight, thank goodness!

Body Shop Ceramic Crackled Oil Burner – I just think this oil burner is such a beautiful accessory for the home. It looks gorgeous, and gives a really lovely subtle fragrance to a room.

Necklace – This gorgeous necklace is from Marks and Spencer. I spotted it while out shopping for my birthday, I liked it instantly because its so colourful and I knew it would look great with loads of different outfits, but it was £15 so I decided not to buy it. I went off to have my hair cut and when I got back my amazing mum had bought it for me! I love it because it makes a statement without being over the top or too in your face. I have been wearing it with simple silver or black studs.

Modern Family – My last favourite this month is a TV show which I have been binge watching over the last few weeks. The first two seasons of Modern Family are on UK Netflix and I have been watching it so much I am almost done and will have to find season 3 elsewhere. I just think its the perfect show for some light relief, as it’s funny, the writing is clever, and it isn’t too long so will fit in any time.

January 2014 Favourites


I can’t believe January has been and gone already. That means there are only 11 months till Christmas! Haha, sorry, I’ll shut up now. Here are the products I’ve been loving so far in 2014!

YSL Rouge Volupte Lipsticks: No 7 Lingerie Pink and No 17 Red Muse – Ever since I got these at Christmas time I have been obsessed with them. I look forward to the weekend so I can put on lipstick! I get compliments on the red one all the time, with people telling me it’s a lovely colour. It’s such a classic red, it makes me feel like a film star!

Body Shop Almond Hand and Nail Cream – In this product I think I’ve finally found a hand cream that ticks all the buttons – it smells great, it absorbs into the skin quickly, and it leaves my hands lovely and soft!

Boots Salon Nail Shine Solution – I have to eat humble pie with this. I got it in my advent calendar at Christmas and I remember saying I wasn’t impressed to be given a Boots own product. However, I’ve come to realise it’s excellent! Sorry Boots. I will do a full review shortly, but essentially, this top coat leaves your nails incredibly shiny. It dries quickly and protects the polish underneath from chipping even better than a Sally Hansen top coat I have.

No 7 Stay Perfect Superlight Foundation – This is one of the more recent additions to my make-up bag, but as you will have read the other day, it’s quickly cemented itself as a product I can’t live without!

Juice Cube – Now for a non-beauty favourite. For some reason, my phone battery has just died a permanent death over the last few weeks. The charge lasts a mere couple of hours, even if I don’t use it. The other day, I used it for an hour on the train and it died. That’s a bit useless at 9am in the morning when you’re out all day and can’t recharge it. This has made my Juice Cube invaluable! Juice Cube is a little portable charger for electronic devices. It comes with a number of different attachments so you can choose the right one for the appliance you want to charge. When fully charged (via your PC), the Juice Cube will give you at least one full charge for your phone. Genius!