Lush Dorothy Bubble Bar


First of all, I apologise for my silence over the last couple of weeks. Life kind of got in the way of my writing, and I never want this to become a chore, so I just took a break.

So one thing that happened recently was my lovely friend Montana (Girl in the French Cravate) coming to stay. She brought me a little gift, the Lush Dorothy bubble bar. Things from Lush always go down well with me, and especially bubble bars. I hadn’t actually tried this one, so it was doubly exciting.

The Dorothy bubble bar is scented with ylang ylang and orange flower. I’d describe it as a traditional, slightly floral, soapy bubble bath scent. Sometimes that’s just what you want. The heavily fruity or flowery fragrances Lush do can be a bit much at times.

Like all Lush bubble bars, you can crumble all or half of the Dorothy bar under running water to create gorgeous bubbles in your bath water.

Dorothy turns the water a gorgeous vivid blue colour. This is perfect for a bath, much nicer than the sickly yellow colour you get from some of the Lush bath bombs.

I really enjoyed my Dorothy experience, so thank you Montana!

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