Eco Tools Skin Perfecting Brush


This brush caught my eye in Boots because it is designed for use with BB creams and CC creams. I have been getting into BB cream recently so I thought this sounded ideal as it means you don’t transfer oil from your hands to your face when applying your makeup.

The brush is supposedly an ideal angled shape for smooth application, making it easy to apply BB cream / CC cream to the hard-to-reach areas on the face like the corners of the eyes and nose.

I can’t tell you how disappointed I was with this brush. It was basically impossible to buff the makeup into my face, because I could only seem to stroke makeup one way down my face. That made my makeup look really cakey and heavy, which is the exact opposite of the look I am trying to achieve when I use BB cream. It was far harder to use than a flat foundation brush even.

So after a few uses, I have to admit that I have thrown this brush straight in the bin and started using a Real Techniques Expert Face Brush. What a waste of £7.99!

I find Eco Tools really hit and miss as a brand. Some of the brushes are fantastic, like the blusher brush, whereas others like this are pretty terrible. What’s your experience of Eco Tools?

6 thoughts on “Eco Tools Skin Perfecting Brush

  1. I wonder if pressing/dabbing the brush might have worked, rather than using strokes?
    When I bought my drugstore Shiseido brush, which is flat and angled although potentially smaller than your Eco Tools one, the lady told my to use dabbing/patting motions rather than sweeping it down my face.
    Not sure if that makes sense or even if it helps.
    If it was just a rubbish brush then that really sucks 😦

  2. I’ve also had a mixed experience with ecoTools. Three of their brushes have fallen apart on me, and a couple others broke (even though I could glue it back together).

    I really love the domed bronzer brush, and I decided to give it a second chance and buy another after the first one fell apart. I also like the retractable kabuki and the mini eye brush set (the old one with the foldover case).

    I also had a pointed concealer brush, and a flat concealer brush, both of which fell apart when the glue came loose. I think I’ve fallen out of love with ecoTools. Oh well.

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