Benefit: The POREfessional


I honestly never thought I’d be writing this review, because at £24.50 Benefit’s The POREfessional is way out of my usual makeup budget. For the longest time I also didn’t see any point to primers. I couldn’t imagine why I would need to put yet another product on my face.

However, all of that changed when I got my Benefit Happy Beauty Day box. I wasn’t fussed about most of the products but I totally fell in love with The Porefessional and decided I would splurge and buy a full size tube.


First thing’s first, check out how cute the packaging of this product is. It’s quirky and unusual, and has the unique feel of something you should pay that little bit extra for.



The primer itself is a light tan colour, but when it’s spread over the face it doesn’t add any colour. To apply it you take a tiny bit in your hands and start at the T-zone, patting lightly to spread the product outwards across your face. It is unbelievably light and just glides over your skin with no effort at all. It makes my skin feel really sort. I then apply my foundation over the top.

So the key selling point of this product is it’s promise to dramatically reduce the appearance of your pores, along with fine lines and wrinkles. I’ve got to be honest here and say I really don’t notice a difference, but perhaps this is because I really don’t have very visible pores in the first place. I keep threatening to make my fiancé try it to see if it really works. I don’t think he’d be impressed by this suggestion…

So why do I love this product if it doesn’t live up to the pore reducing hype? Well it may because I haven’t used a primer before so I didn’t know what a difference they make, or it may be because this one is particularly amazing, but I have been shocked and amazed by how long lasting this makes my makeup. Honestly it looks freshly applied all day, even in my troublesome chin and nose area where I get the most redness. No concealer touch ups needed at all, just a bit of powder on a super hot day.

I also put the primer through the ultimate test: swimming. I had a couple of red marks I was super self concious about, so I put on a little of The Porefessional, followed by a tiny bit of foundation, some concealer and powder to set, and went off swimming. I totally expected it all to be gone when I got out the pool, but to my amazement it was all still there, looking perfect, with no red marks in sight! I did this twice and it worked like a dream. I didn’t rub my face, but I still believe the makeup wouldn’t have stayed without the primer.

Obviously I am not advocating wearing a full face of makeup swimming, but this may be the answer if you are super self concious about a particular spot or blemish and you want to be able to relax and enjoy yourself knowing it’s covered.

So, if you want really long lasting makeup, I highly recommend giving The Porefessional a try!


6 thoughts on “Benefit: The POREfessional

  1. I actually love using Porefessional in combination with Benefit’s Hello Flawless primer. Wearing two primers may seem like over doing, but mixing the two are very beneficial. Matte skin meets smooth and flawless. FYI: The Porefessional also mattifies the skin
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  2. I actually tested it on my ex-boyfriend. He had terrible pores on his nose… Porefessional worked so well that I ended up giving to him after we broke up! 🙂 So totally vouching for the amazingness of this product 🙂

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