Incense Aroma Incense Powder


Some of my regular readers might have noticed that I got a comment on my Body Shop Ceramic Crackled Oil Burner post from Incense Aroma suggesting I try some of their incense powder in my oil burner.  It sounded really exciting so I ordered a free sample. Sadly their free sample offer is no longer valid, but there’s a discount code below if you are interested!

You simply put one teaspoon of your chosen powder (which as you can see is not what you might traditionally call powder) into the top of your oil burner and then light a tea light underneath. The room fills with a really strong fragrance, much stronger than standard oils, and it is really long lasting: up to four hours!


The hardest part of this experience was choosing which fragrance to order. Incense Aroma have 18 different fragrances to choose from, and the powders are all pretty colours! You can browse the range here: Incense Aroma.

I went for classic Vanilla in the end because I adore vanilla, but I am very tempted to order some more, particularly Vanilla Coffee, Cinnamon, Island Spice and Beautiful. I was really pleased with the depth and sweetness of the smell, it was so wonderful great big vanilla hug every time I moved.

If you fancy giving Incense Aroma a try, you can use the discount code SCENT10 to get 10% off an order purchased before 4 July 2014.

4 thoughts on “Incense Aroma Incense Powder

  1. Great post – I’ve just ordered a burner with Alien, and an extra pack of the Island Spice powder to try! Very excited, I’ve never tried anything like this before 🙂

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