Benefit Happy Beauty Day Box



I have been wanting to try some Benefit products for a really long time, so when I saw this cute little box of miniature products by the till in Boots, I bought it on impulse. The box was £9 for three mini sample size products: Porefessional primer, Posie Tint lip and cheek tint, and Bad Gal Lash mascara.  It also has a little voucher for a free make-up session at Benefit in Boots.

The products were the perfect size to take in my travel make-up bag to London last week, so I tried them out for a week.

The POREfessional

This is a primer designed to reduce the size and appearance of your pores. It is one of Benefit’s best selling products and the thing I was most excited to try. I don’t have particularly visible pores so I can’t say I saw much of a difference, but oh my goodness I have fallen in love with primer. I haven’t used any before, and I can’t believe how much better my make-up stays on. I even went swimming and it didn’t budge. I have now re-purchased the Porefessional, so I will do a full review soon.

Pose Tint

This is described as a poppy-pink cheek and lip tint. It is hellishly bright when you first apply it but it blends down to a really nice flushed pink on your cheeks. It lasted reasonably well, but not amazingly. I will continue using this till it is finished but I don’t think I will bother re-purchasing it. It was quite nice but it didn’t blow me away.

BADgal Lash

I believe this used to be Benefit’s most popular mascara till They’re Real came along. I really wanted to like it, but I didn’t. The brush is huge and awkward to use. The mascara itself made my eyelashes fall really flat and lose their curl instantly. I also found it really hard to build any colour, even though this is supposedly a black mascara. I definitely wouldn’t re-purchase this.



4 thoughts on “Benefit Happy Beauty Day Box

  1. wait WHAT? you went swimming and your makeup stayed put?! MAGIC! I guess I need to reconsider replacing Smashbox with Porerfessional again…. 🙂

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