L’Oreal Super Liner Black Lacquer


I bought the L’Oreal Super Liner Black Lacquer assuming it was just  a regular liquid eyeliner, but I got a surprise as it’s a little bit different.

First of all, the liner has a fairly unusual applicator; it’s not a pen or a brush, it’s a bendy, squidgy sponge applicator. I’ve found this both super easy to use and really difficult. If you get it right first time, it creates a gorgeous slick line with ease. However, if you end up having to touch it up, or go back and adjust the width or flick of the line, it’s a bit of a nightmare. The applicator suddenly feels thick and unmanageable.

The formula itself is also quite different to other eyeliners I have tried. When it comes out the tube, it’s like any thick black eyeliner. However, it dries really quickly to a glue like consistency, and after that to an almost semi-permanent finish. I guess that’s what is meant by lacquer as opposed to eyeliner.

The biggest selling point of this eyeliner is how long wearing it is. It is flawless all day, with not a single smudge. I mean seriously, it just doesn’t move at all. Unfortunately that means that it is also incredibly hard to get off with makeup remover. It’s far worse than any waterproof eye product I’ve tried. You almost have to peel or scratch it off; you have to rub it really hard to get it to budge at all.

So my overall assessment is that this is a decent enough product, but I probably won’t re-purchase. Most of it’s unique selling points, like it’s applicator and it’s long wearing formula, also turned out to add extra hassle to my day, which I can really do without.

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