New (and improved) Graze Breakfast Box



A while ago you may remember that Graze started making breakfast boxes with an assortment of different porridges in them. I’m not sure what happened to them, but they seemed to disappear. I tried a few and found the sachets of porridge far too small so gave up on them. Then an email dropped into my inbox a week ago asking if I wanted to try one of the new Graze Breakfast Boxes. They are now boxes with sachets of granola, museli and cereal, although I think there are some new porridges planned to. I thought it sounded a much better idea, so I ordered one.

In my box I got:

Rugged Maple & Pecan Granola (395 kcal for 88g) – this was my favourite of the two granolas. It was the perfect granola in my opinion – crunchy, nutty, and a lovely hint of sweet caramelness from the maple.

Ski Lodge Spiced Apple & Honey Granola (336 kcal for 81g) – this was quite tasty and the portion size was about right. It was quite heavy on the cinnamon so one to avoid if you don’t like spice.

Scandinavian Forest Fruits (red apple, blueberry & ligonberry museli) (258 kcal for 71g) – this one wasn’t my favourite but then I am not mad about museli. It was still quite tasty and I’d have it again.

Summer Fayre (blueberry granola, apple, strawberry pieces, crispy rice flakes & rye flakes) (215 kcal for 53g) – I was expecting this to be a bit too sweet and taste like artifical strawberries which I don’t like but it was actually really nice.

I really enjoyed this breakfast box and I will definitely be ordering more, I can’t wait to try some different breakfasts!

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