Cleaning Make-up Brushes


One of the things my friends and I seem to discuss a lot is cleaning makeup brushes. How often and how should you do it? So today I’m going to talk you through my routine. I’m not saying it’s all 100% right but it is how I choose to do it.

Cleaning your makeup brushes is so important. You don’t want to be rubbing old stale makeup all over your face because a) it’s going to make it harder to get a nice even, flawless finish and b) it’s so unhygienic. Think of all the bacteria you are wiping all over your face. Yuck. So that’s the why covered.

How often? Well I’ve met people who like to deep clean theirs every week and some who wait months and months. I like to fall somewhere in between.

At the end of the week I like to give my brushes a quick wipe with a brush cleanser. I am not mad on brush cleansers and they definitely aren’t a substitute for deep cleaning your brushes, but it’s a great quick fix, because who has time to deep clean weekly? I definitely don’t.

The brush cleanser I am using is the No 7 Brush Cleaner. Like most brush cleansers you take a wad of tissue, pump some cleanser on and rub your brush all over it until hardly any makeup is coming off.



Then every two to three weeks I do a deep clean. I rinse the bristles lightly and then I take regular shampoo and massage it in. Some people like to use baby shampoo for this. I then rinse the shampooed brush under warm water.


To dry the brush you should lay it flat with the bristles exposed to the air. You shouldn’t put the bristles facing up because the water will drip down into the brush, weakening the brush. An alternative if you have a brush rack is to hang the brushes with the bristles downwards. The brushes should take 1-2 days to dry.

It’s that simple. So join the debate, how often do you clean your brushes?


6 thoughts on “Cleaning Make-up Brushes

  1. Oooh, I hate cleaning my brushes. I wash them once a month I think, depending on their state. I should really do it more often. Might give the No7 cleanser a try for inbetween washes as well!

  2. I have the Mac cleanser and swear by it… when I remember to clean my brushes! I only ever use my powder brushes with the exact same product, so I d´never thought it was too necessary. But whenever I do clean them, Mac works a charm 😉

    • I’d say it’s definitely necessary because if you think about it, you have bacteria on your face, it transfers to the brush and multiplies, then you wipe it back on your face!

      Someone pointed out the other day you should really clean your makeup too!

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