April 2014 Favourites


First up I apologise for April favourites being a bit late. It’s been a bit of a hectic last couple of weeks. It was my birthday, I got a horrible cold, and I got engaged! But now I’ve finally got round to it, I might as well dive straight in!

Jo Malone Peony and Blush Suede Cologne – This perfume was a cheeky treat to myself when I was in John Lewis shopping with my now fiancé. I have loved this fragrance for months, ever since a sample was sent to me. In my opinion it’s the best of all the Jo Malone fragrances. It’s floral and light, but has a hint of rich fruitiness. It’s perfect for Spring and Summer.

Mavala Nail Polish in Sand Rose – I am a huge fan of Mavala polishes and I am building up quite a collection now. I liked this one because it was much warmer than the normal nudes you get. It’s a pinky peach on the nails with an ever-so subtle hint of pearlescent shine. It wears really well and looks great with everything. As I discovered the other day, it’s a great base for nail art designs too.

Liz Earle Instant Boost Skin Tonic – After my last toner disaster, I was quite nervous to try this, but I really didn’t need to be. It has suited my skin so well. The fragrance is a bit mature, but it leaves my skin feeling really fresh and clean but not dry or tight, thank goodness!

Body Shop Ceramic Crackled Oil Burner – I just think this oil burner is such a beautiful accessory for the home. It looks gorgeous, and gives a really lovely subtle fragrance to a room.

Necklace – This gorgeous necklace is from Marks and Spencer. I spotted it while out shopping for my birthday, I liked it instantly because its so colourful and I knew it would look great with loads of different outfits, but it was £15 so I decided not to buy it. I went off to have my hair cut and when I got back my amazing mum had bought it for me! I love it because it makes a statement without being over the top or too in your face. I have been wearing it with simple silver or black studs.

Modern Family – My last favourite this month is a TV show which I have been binge watching over the last few weeks. The first two seasons of Modern Family are on UK Netflix and I have been watching it so much I am almost done and will have to find season 3 elsewhere. I just think its the perfect show for some light relief, as it’s funny, the writing is clever, and it isn’t too long so will fit in any time.

8 thoughts on “April 2014 Favourites

  1. You got engaged??! Whaaat? Congratulations! (Btw, this is Jen from barely organized chaos; I’ve since moved blogs. Hence my familiar manner with you. :P)

    I recently got the soapstone burner from The Body Shop and I really love it. It’s so pretty and it disperses the scent really well. What’s your favorite scent? I like the ginger one from the holidays, Exotic, and of course, Satsuma!

    • Hi Jen, thanks!

      I’ve only tried the Lavender fragrance so far but I definitely want to try more. I can imagine loooving Satsuma, because I love all the Body Shop Satsuma range!

      • Oh man, we don’t have the lavender one in the US anymore! Bummer, my sister would love it.

        If you can find strawberry, try mixing satsuma and strawberry together. We’re on a long term out of stock for strawberry, so I’m waiting for them to restock so I can try it. 🙂

  2. congratulations on your engagement Rebecca! That’s fantastic news!! 🙂 I adore the candle… it’s so pretty! 🙂 I’m also looking for a new toner, so I’ll be sure to check out the one you mentioned!

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