Lush Secret Garden Bath Bomb


This sweet little bath bomb is from the Mother’s Day collection at Lush. I thought it was really pretty and sounded worth a try, even though floral scents aren’t usually my thing.

Lush describe this bath bomb as having rose, sweet wild orange and rosewood oil to create a earthy, uplifting feel. It’s a really heavily floral scent and smells strongly of roses, but surprisingly I quite liked it. It wasn’t an old lady style floral scent, but quite young and fresh. One thing I liked was the fact that the scent lingers for a really long time in the air, which is something I don’t get from a lot of bath bombs.

The bath bomb turned my water a vivid emerald green colour, which was much nicer than the colour of the water after using a lot of the Lush bath bombs. After a while i noticed tiny dried flower petals floating in the water. Apparently these are rose petals, marigolds, blue mallow flowers and yellow rose buds. This is a sweet little touch, but doesn’t really add anything to the experience.

Overall this was a sweet bath bomb and would be a nice gift for anyone who likes floral scents, but I’m not sure I loved it enough to repurchase.


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7 thoughts on “Lush Secret Garden Bath Bomb

  1. I have this one currently waiting to be used up. I don’t mind subtle floral scents but heavy floral scents I have to be in the mood for so I’m just waiting for the mood to strike!

      • I have no idea to be honest. I’ve only gone into Lush a couple of times and thought they only made soap (not bubble bath things or bath scents)! What do you recommend? 🙂 I’m pretty much open to anything as long as it smells nice.

      • Their bubble bars are brilliant, you break parts off and crumble under running water to make bubbles. My all time favourite is The Comforter. I’ve reviewed that on my blog, you can pop it into the search bar on the right.

        For bath bombs, Twilight is a creamy, vanilla ish lavender scent, Honey Bee smells like a sweet caramelised honey and Fizz banger is citrus with a yellow outside and blue inside.

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