Collection Extreme 24 hour Felt Tip Liner vs No 7 Stay Precise Felt Tip Eyeliner


I have two products in my eye makeup drawer which I think are virtually identical. I didn’t want to write two separate posts saying the same thing, so I thought I’d do you a comparison post.

The Collection Extreme 24 hour Felt Tip Liner and No 7 Stay Precise Felt Tip Eyeliner are both (as you might have guessed) felt tip style eyeliner pens. Felt tip eyeliners are my absolute favourites as they are just unbelievably easy to apply. So do you need to spend or can you buy a bargain liner? Here’s how these two compare:

Price: The Collection pen is a penny punching £2.99. The No 7 liner is £8.00, so a bit more expensive, but still not likely to break the bank.

Application: There’s really absolutely no difference in the way these liners apply. You will see from the photograph that the nibs are pretty much identical. The No 7 liner seems to dry quicker though.


Opacity: Initially the liners leave the same level of black colour, however, if you curl your lashes after using the Collection liner, the colour fades a bit. It doesn’t seem to matter how long I leave it to dry, I have the same problem. The No 7 liner is definitely better for this.

Durability: Last but no means least, durability is key. Both liners last pretty much all day, without too much smudging or fading. If I had to give one the edge, it would be the No 7 pen as I think it maintains perfection a little longer.

So my conclusion? I think the No 7 liner is worth the couple of extra pounds, but if you are willing to reapply your liner once a day, the Collection liner will suit you just fine. You could use the money you save to buy another liner in a different colour!

One thought on “Collection Extreme 24 hour Felt Tip Liner vs No 7 Stay Precise Felt Tip Eyeliner

  1. I have the same collection applies on fabulously,but I just find it doesn’t last on very well as it really smugdes and doesn’t stay on very long. I would love to try the No 7 to see if it works better on me x

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