No 7 Extreme Length Extend Mascara


I got this miniature No 7 Extreme Length Extend mascara as a free gift from No 7 before Christmas. It took me a lot to pull myself away from my holy grail mascara Max Factor Clump Defy, but I managed it for a little while in order to try this out.

As you might guess from the name, this mascara is designed to give superb length and defined lashes. It definitely delivers on that promise. There is a dramatic difference in the length of my lashes once I have used this. In fact, I think it might give more length than any other mascara I’ve tried. The formula doesn’t clump the lashes together at all, they all end up really nicely and cleanly defined.

The brush is a little peculiar because it seems overly long. Supposedly it  has a gentle curve to give a full on lash fan, but I don’t really see much of a curve, do you? Perhaps I have just gotten too used to the curved Clump Defy brush. The length makes it a little awkward to work with, and I have caught my nose a couple of times (excellent look).

The mascara lasts okay throughout the day, but you could definitely do with a top up towards the evening. It certainly doesn’t look like perfection in the evening, like it does in the morning. If I wear it for a seriously long day, I find it starts to flake a little bit in the evening, but I find that with most mascaras.

The only real disadvantage to this mascara is volume. Because the lashes don’t clump together, you look like you have a lot of lashes, but they don’t look thick or dramatic, just long. I like a bit of volume to balance out a dramatic lip look and so that my lashes don’t look lost when I wear black eyeliner. Perhaps I am expecting perfection, but if a mascara is going to pull me away from Clump Defy, that’s what it needs to be.

One thought on “No 7 Extreme Length Extend Mascara

  1. I’ve neer tried any makeup from No7, but this seems kind of similar from what you’ve described to the Maybelline Lash Discovery mascara. Sorry to hear though that this was a bit disapointing!
    Ps. New Post!

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