Easter/Mother’s Day Lush Haul


As a little Easter treat to myself (okay so Easter is over a month away, but you get the idea) I ordered a few of the limited edition Easter and Mother’s Day bath treats from the www.lush.co.uk website. This was always going to be a bit risky as I didn’t have chance to smell them before buying, but it’s always good to take risks in life! Here’s what I bought and my first impressions (reviews to follow most likely):

Easter Collection

Bunch of Carrots Reusable Bubble Bar


These carrots, like the wands from Lush, are designed to be swished around the bath multiple times to create bubbles. Lush describes the fragrance as “buchu, lemon and bergamot oils” for a “tropical, fruity and refreshing bath”. I would say that there’s a hint of something else like liquorice in there as well.

Golden Egg Bath Bomb


This cute little golden egg smells like Honey I Washed the Kids (really sweet and creamy like honey, just totally delicious). It is a bit unusual as it has a bath melt outer layer and a bath bomb centre. I’m really excited to try this but I think glitter will go everywhere.

Bunny Bubble Bar


This  little bubble bar smells of vanilla like the Creamy Candy bubble bar. I’m not sure it’s entirely bunny shaped though. It is filled with skin softening shea butter and coconut oil and apparently has little blue cornflowers inside.

Mother’s Day Collection

Secret Garden Bath Bomb


I largely bought this because I thought it looked really sweet. It has rose, sweet wild orange and rosewood oil to create a largely floral fragrance, which is not normally my thing, but Lush says “Once placed in the bath, you’ll be treated to a beautiful bouquet, with rose petals, marigold, blue mallow flowers and yellow rose buds” which sounded really interesting.

Rose Bubble Bar


Finally, I bought the rose bubble bar, which looks very much like the Comforter bubble bar but is supposed to smell of Turkish rose with a hint of lemon. I’m a bit disappointed because it is way smaller than I expected. We shall see what it’s like though.

A little something extra

Lush also gave me a little sample of the It’s Raining Men shower gel which smells like caramel or toffee! I’m excited to try this out.


Have you tried any of these products, or any of the other Lush limited edition products for Easter or Mother’s Day? I’d be really interested to hear what you think!

8 thoughts on “Easter/Mother’s Day Lush Haul

  1. I might have to pop in and get myself the golden egg and the rose bubble bar! I’ve never ordered anything off their website before but if I’m ever too far from a store I think I will!

  2. I absolutely love Lush! It’s just heaven 😀 I’m going there on Tuesday so I hope to buy some of the new Easter range! I’m excited

  3. Oh how I love lush! But I’m always terrified to order online from them just because I don’t want things to get crushed or melted in delivery, though obviously your package arrived just fine! I got the secret garden bath bomb for my mom, among other things, for mothers day last year and she loved it!
    Ps. New Post!

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