Seventeen Tattoo Me Semi Permanent Liquid Eyeliner


I got the Seventeen Tattoo Me Semi Permanent Liquid Eyeliner as part of my Boots beauty advent calendar. The idea is that the eyeliner dries to a “non budge” finish so that you can wear it for up to 48 hours without taking it off. I was very skeptical. I have used it a couple of times to test it out, but I will tell you upfront that it’s not something I will be using now that this review is written.

The eyeliner is essentially a liquid eyeliner, but I found it to be surprisingly thick and gloopy which makes it difficult to apply in thin lines. It also seems to be quite tacky, making it even harder to work with precisely. The first time I applied it I got some in my eyelashes and it stuck them together like a lump. I had to spend a good few minutes combing them through to try and get it out, which was frustrating.

The liner is a standard brush style applicator, which I think is a bit outdated now. Most eyeliners these days tend to have a felt tip style applicator to dip into the liquid. A brush is just unneccessarily inprecise and awkward to use.
So I guess the most important thing for an eyeliner claiming to be “Semi Permanent” is staying power. I will admit I have not tested this to a full 48 hours (because that seems gross) but I have done several other tests.
  • All day wear – No smudging or obvious wear and tear; it looked the same as when I put it on.
  • Removing other make-up – I prepared to leave a full face of make-up on, so I used cleanser all over my face and a make-up wipe on my eyelashes to remove mascara. The eyeliner didn’t budge.
  • Sleeping – It didn’t fare quite so well after a night’s sleep. There was a little smudging under my eyes. However, this could have been left over mascara from using just a wipe to take it off. The eyeliner didn’t look entirely intact, it was a bit patchy, so I ended up topping it up with a bit of normal eyeliner so as not to look riddiculous.
  • Gym and shower – On the second day I went to the gym and did my usual weights and cardio workout. After my shower, the eyeliner was in a bad way, very patchy indeed, so I took it off.

So the verdict is that this eyeliner has much better staying power than a normal eyeliner, however, 48 hour wear is a bit of a stretch. I also don’t know why you would want 48 hour wear. I feel disgusting if I don’t take my make-up off each night. At a push, I can see why this might appeal for festivals and camping trips, but I think I’d still rather take it off with a make-up wipe each night and reapply the next morning. It would be good for a day by the pool or at the beach, where you might get a little wet and don’t want terrible panda eyes.

Finally, how do you remove this eyeliner? Well Seventeen recommends using an oil based make-up remover, however, I used my usual Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser and it removed the product absolutely fine. Having said that, Cleanse & Polish is very good with stubborn, waterproof make-up. You might have more trouble with other cleansers.

One thought on “Seventeen Tattoo Me Semi Permanent Liquid Eyeliner

  1. I use an oil based make-up remover. I am really good about always taking my makeup off at night. The idea of wearing an eye product for 15+ hours make me cringe! I usually take off my eye makeup as soon as I get home!

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