My top travel products


I do a fair bit of travelling (mostly for work, nothing glamorous) so I keep a whole host of products on hand to travel with. I don’t take them all with me everywhere I go, I mix and match depending on what I need. Here’s some things I think are really great.

Soap and Glory Glad Hair Day Shampoo – Everyone needs a travel shampoo and this is one of my favourites. I didn’t rate the conditioner, but the shampoo is fantastic. It has a gorgeous raspberry scent to it.

Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser – I was scent this adorable little Cleanse and Polish along with my online order from the Liz Earle website. It is perfect for travelling with, and came with a miniature cloth too.

Tangle Teezer Compact – I am such a huge fan of my Tangle Teezer that I picked up one of the compact versions recently. It is smaller and has a little cover on it to protect the bristles as well. It’s a life saver for travelling!

Boots Essentials Firm Hold Unscented Hairspray – When I am travelling and will have a nice event to go to, I like to take a little hairspray with me. I find this Boots one has perfectly good hold and doesn’t go too crispy. I like the fact that it is unscented because it doesn’t interfere with my perfume.

Lush Rose Jam Shower Gel – Everyone needs to take shower gel with them when they go away, and the miniature Lush bottles are perfect. Rose Jam was limited edition last year and smelt amazing, but you can get any of your favourites scents in this size.

Soap and Glory Clean Girls Shower Gel – A great alternative to Lush miniatures are the Soap and Glory travel size products. They aren’t quite as easy to use (they aren’t squeezy bottles) but they smell equally delicious. Clean Girls is one of my favourites.

Dove Go Fresh Pomegranate and Lemon Verbena Deodorant – Another essential is a deodorant. Your choices for small products are a roll on or a miniature spray. I don’t like roll ons particularly so something like this tiny little spray can from Dove is perfect. The scent is amazing too!

Impulse Very Pink Body Spray – I love body sprays for when you need to freshen up during the day. A hybrid between perfume and deodorant if you will. This one smells like pink grapefruit and vanilla and is really sweet and refreshing.

Body Shop Almond Hand and Nail Cream – This is my absolute favourite hand cream at the moment as it leaves my hands feeling super soft. I am so pleased it comes in a smaller size, because now I can have it at home and in my bag too!

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