Rimmel Wake Me Up Instant Radiance Shimmer


When I unwrapped the Rimmel Wake Me Up Instant Radiance Shimmer at Christmas as part of a secret santa, I was really intregued as I had never heard of it before. I have been trying out the shade 002 Radiant Rose which is a pink, but it also comes in other shades, including the more natural beige 004 Shimmering Sand.

So what is this product? Well, due to the pink colour, I assumed it was a liquid or cream blusher at first, but Rimmel actually market it as a highlighter. I can sort of see why (see below), but I wouldn’t use it as a highlighter on its own because I would be worried about putting pink colour high up my cheek bones or in other places you highlight, like near the hair line. One of the more natural colours would probably be perfect for that.

Instead, I have been using this product as a blusher, but a super shimmery one for evening wear. It has quite a thick formula, a bit like a lightweight mousse foundation. At first, it’s a bit intimidating because it is very heavily pigmented.

Initial application, before any blending

Initial application, before blending

However, the product is very workable and without much effort blends down to give you a slightly flushed look, which is very pretty. If you blend it out more towards the end of the cheek, you will be left with shimmer towards the cheek bone and colour on the apple of the cheek, meaning you sort of have a blusher/highlighter combo going on. The product is super shimmery, almost glittery. As soon as you catch the light you have an unmissible glow to your skin. I think it would be perfect for summer time.

So any disappointments? Well, the packaging for one. Rimmel really need to get over the idea that these plastic tubes they are favouring at the moment are in any way stylish or desirable. They aren’t. Also, the staying power isn’t brilliant. It’s something that requires re-application a couple of times a day. Having said that, it’s a really nifty idea for a product and a nice little addition to my “face” make-up drawer.

4 thoughts on “Rimmel Wake Me Up Instant Radiance Shimmer

  1. This product looks lovely and seems like it would add a gorgeous subtle healthy shimmer to skin which would look gorgeous in the summer! Thank you for the review! xoxo

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