Body Shop Eye Definer in 01 Black


I am a bit of an eyeliner junkie; I just don’t think make-up looks balanced if the eye isn’t defined. The last few weeks I have been favouring pencil liner again, so I fished a couple of old faithfuls out my eye drawer. I also found this Body Shop Eye Definer which I was given at Christmas time. It’s one of Body Shop’s best selling make-up products apparently.

Body Shop describe the Eye Definer as a soft-textured eyeliner which gives intense colour. I think that basically describes every black eyeliner pencil, or at least it should. Body Shop also make two bold claims: (1) it is easy to apply, and (2) it is smudge-resistant.

I shall discuss (1) first, which I dispute somewhat. This pencil is no easier to apply than any other standard eyeliner pencil. It doesn’t glide on super smoothly like a really soft pencil like the Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On eyeliners. It requires a fair bit of pressure, otherwise the colour doesn’t transfer to the eye very easily. As with most pencils, the more pressure you apply, the more likely that it pulls at the lid, ergo not giving a nice smooth, even line. Essentially, this is an eyeliner for people who a) know how to apply eyeliner pencil already, and b) are not trying to apply it quickly but can be patient and take their time.

Now onto claim number (2) – smudge resistant. I’m sorry Body Shop, I love you, but this is just a lie. The Eye Definer smudges really badly and after only a few hours wear. It is especially bad underneath the eye and towards the left hand corner of the upper lid. This would be great for anyone after a grungy, Kate Moss, morning after look, but you should steer well clear if you want a neat, precise, clean look. For that, I would strongly steer you towards Collection’s Kohl Eyeliner. I used that one day by mistake when I was intending to use the Body Shop liner and the difference was staggering. It stayed put for hours, even on my waterline! Let me know if you’d like to see a full review of that product.

So, can anyone tell me why the Body Shop Eye Definer is a best seller?

One thought on “Body Shop Eye Definer in 01 Black

  1. So disappointing! I personally love pencil liner above all other liners, because like you found they are easier to apply, however this doesn’t sound like it does that for you. Maybe you got an older, dried out pencil? As for the smudge proof claim, it just sounds like they just slapped on the claim without really making sure it was possible.

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