Boots Salon Nail Shine Solution


As I briefly mentioned in my latest favourites post, I have been forced to eat humble pie. When I first received Boots Salon Nail Shine Solution in my Christmas advent calendar, I was disappointed that it was Boots own brand. That makes me a bit of a brand snob, and also totally wrong.

Boots Salon Nail Shine Solution is designed to  revitalise the shine on your nail polish and give a flawless salon finish. The polish glides on really easily and I would say the brush is just the right size. It dries pretty quickly and leaves your nails looking beautifully shiny. It really makes a clear difference to the finish of your nails and would be great on top of nail art designs which leave a matte finish like ombre nails.

Even though the polish is designed to leave your nails looking super shiny, it also does a great job in other ways as a top coat. It dries really hard and works really well at protecting the polish from chipping, even if you live a very active lifestyle and your nails suffer a lot of wear and tear. I can go days and days without even the slightest sign of a chip.

I have been super impressed by  revitalise the shine on your nail polish and to give a flawless salon finish and have even ditched my Sally Hansen top coat in favour of this one.


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