Spring Cleaning my Make-up Collection


Okay so it isn’t quite spring time yet, but I decided it was close enough to have a spring clean. Not of my house (don’t be crazy) but of my make-up collection. I own far too many make-up items which I don’t really use and they just sit around taking up space. I decided to be brutal and throw them away.

Face products wise I ditched two different foundations which are really the wrong shade for my skin. I am always paranoid about looking too dark/orange so I don’t wear them. I also chucked a concealer which is questionably old now.  I threw out my bronzer because again I am paranoid it makes me look orange, and also two blushers, one which is too red and an MUA cream blusher, which is nice but I just don’t wear cream blushers a lot.

I threw out a few lipsticks, mostly pale ones which don’t have a lot of pigment and are therefore a bit pointless, and Rimmel Moisture Renew in Nude Delight because it is virtually identical to Notting Hill Nude so it seems a waste of time owning both. I also threw out Lush’s It Started With A Kiss because I find applying it with a lip brush a bit of a pfaff.

From my eye collection I have abandoned Rimmel’s Scandel Eyes mascara as I’m not a fan, some scarily bright eyeshadows I never wear, and some tacky glittery eyeliners which belong in the make-up collection of 13 year old from the nineties (that wasn’t when I bought them don’t worry!).

And that’s it! Now I have lots more lovely space to buy exciting new products! Could your make-up collection do with a spring clean? What would you be willing to part with?

5 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning my Make-up Collection

  1. I hated Rimmel Scandaleyes, it is the worst mascara I have ever tried but have yet to throw it out, maybe I should do a makeup spring clean x

  2. One girls trash is another girls treasure! I adore the Rimmel Scandaleyes mascara, the Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse and the MUA cream blushers! I too need a good clear out as I am forever buying new products and throwing them on top of the old ones which get forgotten. I look forward to seeing what new products you invest in! http://lrnlzbth.wordpress.com/

    • I did like the cream blusher but I just don’t use it enough to justify keeping it. I also used to like dream matte mousse but bought the wrong shade and have since decided I prefer liquid anyway. Didn’t like scandal eyes though, I found the brush abnormally large.

  3. I feel like my collection could always use a bit of clearing out, but the only products I really end up parting with are cream shadows, gel liners, and lip products because I have no real way of sanitizing those and making sure they last longer.

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