Lush Prince Charming Shower Gel


Prepare yourself, I’m now going to rave to you about a shower gel. The Lush Prince Charming Shower Gel is limited edition for Valentine’s Day. I have a huge drawer full of shower gels I haven’t used yet, but when I smelt Prince Charming, I had to buy it anyway. It’s hard to explain how amazing it smells!

The main scents which combine to make Prince Charming are marshmallow, vanilla and pomegranate. Apparently Lush use pomegranate juice because it is beautifully cleansing on the skin. The finished product is really sweet and sugary smelling, but isn’t as sickly as Snow Fairy. The vanilla gives it a little creaminess and the pomegranate keeps it fresh. The fragrance is perfectly balanced and quite addictive!

I guess there isn’t much else I can say about a shower gel. It lathers well and leaves you feeling clean. So if you like sweet, creamy or fruity scents, head down to Lush to pick this up before its gone!

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