No 7 Brush Cleanser


I must admit to being guilty of washing my make-up brushes with shampoo and hot water. It could be worse; I could not wash them at all. Still, I decided it was time for a change, so on a whim I purchased the No 7 Brush Cleanser.

I didn’t read the bottle properly, so assumed this was something to use with water. I was disappointed to discover when I got home that this is actually designed to be a  quick fix when you don’t have time to soak your brushes. You are supposed to spray a paper towel or tissue with the cleanser before sweeping the dirty brush bristles across it. You can then let the bristles quickly dry before applying your make-up.

I gave it ago and I will admit that it does what it says on the tin. My make-up brushes cleaned up quite nicely and felt fresher to use. I would stress that you should only use a tiny bit. You know when you don’t wash shampoo out of your hair properly, and it sounds and feels bubbly when you touch it? That’s what my brushes felt like the first time. I ended up washing it out with water which sort of defeats the object.

However, I definitely won’t be re-purchasing this product. In my eyes there should be no quick fixes when it comes to washing your make-up brushes. I would rather use clean fingers than a dirty brush, and even after using this cleanser, I still felt like my brushes were dirty and unhygienic. There’s a lot to be said for the psychological effect of using hot water!

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