Real Techniques Expert Face Brush


Since the Real Techniques brushes were released, there has always been one brush I wanted above all others: the Expert Face Brush. I’ve heard so many people rave about it and I was desperate to try it. I finally treated myself to it this January and I have to say it has revolutionised my foundation application. That sounds quite over dramatic, but it isn’t really. The brush is that good!


The Real Techniques Expert Face brush is totally different to a traditional flat foundation brush. It is wider, with lots of firm bristles. I dip the tip of the brush into a small amount of foundation on the back of my hand. It’s then super easy to buff the foundation into your face, using circular movements, to leave a perfectly smooth, even finish. I always struggle with streaks when using a flat foundation brush, but it’s so easy to avoid them with this brush. It’s the perfect brush for people who often have to apply foundation in a rush.

The bristles are firm enough for buffing in the foundation, but they are still beautifully soft against the skin. Let’s face it, the brush looks pretty swish too! I’d really encourage you to try this brush as an alternative to a flat foundation brush. Like me, you might never go back!


10 thoughts on “Real Techniques Expert Face Brush

  1. Sounds brilliant, but I think they are slightly overpriced. I think I might buy one soon though as at the moment I use a flat brush although I mainly use my hands as I don’t get on with my flat brush. How do you wash it? xx

    • At the moment I am trying out a new makeup brush cleanser but I don’t really like it (review coming in a few days) so I won’t recommend that! There are lots of good ones out there though.

  2. I absolutely love this brush and your not being overly dramatic! It does wonders for applying your foundation and it is a staple brush in my collection.

  3. I own the stipple brush from the real techniques brand and it works well for foundation, but I have seen myself return to my sponge for application. I might just invest in this brush! Thanks for the info!

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