Lush Love Locket Bath Bomb


Happy early Valentine’s Day! Yep, I’m getting a bit ahead of myself, but only because I spotted the new Valentine’s range in Lush and it got me all excited! I picked up the Prince Charming shower gel (review coming soon) and also one of the Love Locked bath bombs. At £6.95 it was quite a bit more expensive than a lot of Lush’s bath bombs, but it was adorable and smelt lovely so I thought I’d give it a try.

The bath bomb is HUGE. Apparently you can get more than one use out of it, but I prefer an intense scent, so I used it all in one go. Love Locket has a key shape on the front and you have to “unlock it” by cracking it open to find a hidden surprise. It took a good few heft taps against the side of the bath to open it (getting bits of bath bomb everywhere) and inside was a smaller heart shape. Cute, but not the most exciting thing ever.


I dropped the first half of the bath bomb in the water and it dissolved, leaving pink bath water and lots of little hearts everywhere. This was a cute addition. I even risked the safety of my camera to photograph it for you.


I popped the other half in and it gave the same effect, although I think the hearts were a different shade of pink. I might have imagined that, I wasn’t paying much attention! Finally I popped the little heart in. I was hoping for popping candy, but it actually just gave a few small red jelly feeling hearts. There’s probably a technical term for that.

The scent was really delicious. According to Lush, it is Jasmine, Vanilla and Neroli Oil (from a bitter orange tree). I’m normally not mad on floral scents, but the vanilla added a lovely sweetness and softened the Jasmine a little.

I really enjoyed this bath room. I have seen a lot of disappointment over it on the Lush website which surprised me. Yes, it was expensive, but it is limited addition, smelt really good and had several different elements to it. I think it would make a lovely little gift for your loved one this Valentine’s day.

5 thoughts on “Lush Love Locket Bath Bomb

  1. I’m totally in love with Lush, I always get tempted to buy bath bombs when I walk past the shop 😀 They smell soooo nice

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