Neat Eats Jewellery

I have been wanting to share this post with you for so long now, but I have had to wait because it concerns Christmas presents for other people. A few months ago I discovered an Etsy store called Neat Eats. The seller, Rhonda, makes the most incredible novelty jewellery. It is all so intricate and perfectly made. I fell in love! I should stress that this post is in no way sponsored and I stumbled upon Neat Eats entirely by accident. The free gifts I mentioned below had nothing to do with the fact I have a blog.

In my first order I bought myself these gorgeous Jammie Dodger earrings and I bought my friend this Drink Me bottle necklace. I was so pleased with them because they are excellent quality. I was even sent another pair of earrings as a gift (in the middle below).





I then placed another order about a week later and bought this gorgeous necklace full of gingerbread men for a Secret Santa gift. I was sent another pair of free earrings (on the right below). I also bought some English Breakfast cufflinks for my brother. You can see those here.




If you want to browse the other amazing jewellery Neat Eats has to offer, check out the store here:



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