Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Mousse Foundation


I decided a few days ago that I wanted to do a foundation review. I went on my blog Twitter @PMasqueradeBlog and Facebook to ask which product you would like to see reviewed, and the general consensus was Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Foundation.

First thing’s first, I should apologise for the shocking quality of the photograph. This was taken on my phone in Boots. The foundation I have been trialling is a sample size I received in my Boots beauty advent calendar, but I wanted to show you what the full size packaging looks like. I wouldn’t say it’s a selling point; it looks very inexpensive to me. Even if I’m buying a cheap foundation, I still want the packaging to have a little bit of style.

The foundation comes in five different shades: Light Ivory, Ivory, Soft Beige, Sand and Natural Beige. My trial size is in the shade Ivory which I can just about get away with, but really I think that Light Ivory would be a better match for me as I am quite pale!

The foundation itself is a hybrid between a liquid foundation and a mousse like the Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse foundation. Rimmel claims that it is “a Feather-light, liquid mousse”, but I wouldn’t say that is quite accurate. It comes out the tube as a thick blob, very much like someone has mixed Dream Matte Mousse with some liquid foundation. I would recommend applying it and blending it in with your fingers if you want the best results. I found it quite difficult to achieve a natural, even coverage with a brush. You would probably be okay with a sponge if you get on with those, but personally I see no harm in using clean fingers.

I found that the foundation blends into the skin surprisingly well, despite it’s quite thick consistency.  It gives me a much more even, natural-looking finish than Dream Matte Mousse ever has, but the coverage is still really good. It also doesn’t feel thick or cakey on the skin, but light and barely-there.

The key selling point to this foundation is the idea that it will leave your skin looking “matte” all day long. I must say on this front I was quite impressed. After a day’s wear (plus a little bit of being cramped on the hot, stuffy tube) the coverage is still really good and my skin doesn’t look too shiny. It’s not the perfect matte you get when you first apply this, but it’s still not shiny enough for me to feel I need to apply some powder. That definitely reduces the amount of time I have to spend worrying about my appearance, which has got to be a good thing!

Overall, I am not entirely sold on the liquid mousse formula as I prefer liquid foundations in general, but this is something I would definitely consider purchasing in a lighter shade to put aside for really bad skin days when I want a bit of extra coverage which I know will stay put during the day without the need for topping up with a lot of concealer.

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