H&M Haul

SAM_1386I have a small clothing haul as my second post of the day! H&M opened recently near where I live and so I, of course, popped in to have a look around. I usually don’t find a lot in H&M that I like. In particular, I massively struggle with their trousers and skirts because I feel like they are cut very small proportionally to the tops and dresses. However, on this occasion I found loads of different things I wanted! I limited myself to just a few… I imagine they will all still be available to purchase if you fancy any of them.


First up is this gorgeous black and grey dress. This caught my eye because it will make the transition from day to night or casual to smart really easily, depending on how you accessorize it. You could wear it with casual ankle boots and a chunky cardigan at the weekend, low heeled black boots and a blazer at work, or a glam necklace and bright heels for an evening out. I love versatile pieces like this. I also think the positioning of the black on the sides is great for slimming your figure and makes it super flattering.


I fell in love with this cardigan the moment I saw it. It’s a really flattering shape and really nice and warm. It’s another very versatile piece that you could wear casually or as part of a smart outfit. It’s hard to fine warm knitwear that still looks smart and office wearable, but I think this fits the bill.


Moving on to my search for things suitable for Christmas party wear, I found this lovely burgundy loose fitting, light shirt. I think it would look great tucked in to a skater skirt.


I also bought a black top with lovely lace detailing around the neck and on the arms. It’s simple but very effective.

3 thoughts on “H&M Haul

  1. I like what you got, but I feel like I can never find anything at the English H&M’s. I buy stuff from the H&M by my house in the US, but for some reason I just always walk out empty handed here.

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