V05 High Volume Extra Strong Hold Weather Resistant Hairspray


I was actually introduced to this V05 Ultimate Hold Weather Resistant Hairspray several years ago by Cosmopolitan magazine who, long before I had a blog, sent me the product to use and review by completing a questionnaire. I was expecting a small tester size but I was actually sent a full bottle which I was pretty impressed by. In a bit of a spoiler to the end of this review, I loved the hairspray so much that I have bought it every since, although one of these giant bottles lasts me forever so I haven’t had to re-purchase it more than once or twice.

The hairspray claims that it will give you all day hold, protecting your hairstyle from humidity for up to 24 hours, preventing frizz. My favourite part of this hairspray is the fact it doesn’t feel thick or heavy on your hair. It brushes through so easily, feeling really light and almost invisible when it is applied. It doesn’t leave your hair feeling stiff or unpleasant to touch like so many other hairsprays.

Scent wise, there isn’t much to say. This product has the familiar smell of hairspray. It’s not the best, but it’s not unexpected. The real downside I guess is a result of the benefits. I find that the hairspray doesn’t have the “ultimate” hold it claims. Other hairsprays I have tried, for example Elnett, give a much stronger hold. I wouldn’t use this if I had a seriously intricate up-do that I wanted to stay in place all day. However, I never really wear my hair up. I am really looking for a nice, natural looking hairspray that will keep my natural hair tamed and frizz-free and will support any waves I decide to add in with a curling wand. This hairspray is perfect for that purpose, particularly for day time use because it looks so natural. I shall continue buying this for a long time to come, but I will have a bottle of Elnett on hand in case I ever go anywhere really posh and want an up-do!

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