Garnier Intensive 7 Days Protecting Hand Cream (Aloe Vera)

SAM_1366Some of you might remember that I featured the Garnier Intensive 7 Days Protecting Hand Cream in my October favourites post. At that point, I had been using it for a few days and I was really liking it. Having been using it a little longer now, I’m not sure I’m quite so sold.

The Intensive 7 Days cream is enriched with something called L-Bifidus which is designed to work like a shield and lock in moisture to really hydrate your skin.

The cream itself isn’t as wet as some, but it certainly isn’t a thick cream. At first I thought it was fine, but now that my hands are in better condition, it seems a bit too wet and can leave them feeling a bit damp for well over an hour. It only seems to completely absorb if your skin is very dry. It smells quite strongly of Aloe Vera, which is quite a nice, fresh, clean smell to have on your hands. It isn’t overpowering either.

I must say this hand cream seems to do what it says on the tin. I stopped using by Body Shop Hemp Hand Protector for a while to give this a fair trial. In this horrible Winter weather it doesn’t take long for the condition of my skin to deteriorate. After using this cream for 7 days, my hands felt smoother and softer and looked like they were in much better condition.

Another great feature of this hand cream is it doesn’t seem to wash off when you wash your hands. We all have to wash our hands on a regular basis (I hope!) and it’s incredibly frustrating if you only moisturised your hands 10 minutes ago and then it feels like you shouldn’t have bothered. Even after washing my hands a couple of times, I still felt like this Garnier hand cream was absorbing into the skin and nourishing.

Overall I would say that this hand cream does what it claims to. After using it every day for a week, my hands were in better condition. However, I really do think I prefer a thicker hand cream. My pickyness when it comes to hand creams shows no signs of disappearing! I think I’ll go back to my Body Shop Hemp Hand Protector for a little while longer.

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