What’s in my commuting bag?

As my regular readers will have gathered, I recently left Manchester and moved down South. I am working in London and going to a part time University course in London, but I didn’t fancy living in London; I wouldn’t want the hectic London lifestyle or London prices! Anyone who commutes on a daily basis knows that you need a LOT of things with you, both to keep you entertained, and so that you are prepared for all eventualities.

Here’s the bag I am using. I bought it a fair while ago now in Debenhams. Itwasn’t particularly expensive (about £30 I think) and I think it was a real bargain considering the amount of use I have got out of it. It has several different compartments; there’s a really deep pocket at the front, a small zip up pocket inside, and the main compartment is separated into two. It also has a Velcro strap so you can put a netbook in and secure it while you are travelling.


In the front pocket I keep my University ID, my Cath Kidson ticket holder which has my season ticket and Oyster Card for the tube, some highlighters, pens, a pocket mirror and tissues.


In the zip up pocket inside the bag I keep a jumble of things I need to be able to find easily: pens, keys, a lip balm, hand gel, a small moisturiser etc.


In the main compartment I take my wallet, my phone, an umbrella, water, some snacks and often lunch for that day. I then try and fit in either a book to read, my netbook, or a textbook and notebook so I can study. I like to mix it up so I have variety throughout the week.


So there we have it. As you can imagine, it’s often a very tight squeeze. You might think it would be really heavy, but actually the beauty of this bag is it doesn’t feel heavy when it’s on your shoulder. It also makes a great defense mechanism if people try and push past you at rush hour on the tube!

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