Lush Catastrophe Cosmetic Face Mask


I’ve been keen to try another Lush fresh face mask ever since I tried the Cupcake Face Mask. I had a peek in Lush to see which mask looked most appealing. If you’ve never been in a Lush store before, they have metal bowls of the masks  on display so you can see what is inside each container. They are usually decorated with the key ingredient (for example almonds or chocolate drops). The bowl of Catastrophe Cosmetic caught my eye because it was topped with fresh blueberries. It looked really fresh and natural, and unlike a lot of the items on display, like something I would actually want to spread on my face. I gave it a sniff and it didn’t have a particularly strong scent, but then blueberries don’t really. However, it smelt fresh and clean so I thought I would give it a try.


I know it doesn’t look particularly appealing in the picture above, but in reality Catastrophe Cosmetic looks really enticing. You can look at the fresh bowl image on the Lush website. Catastrophe Cosmetic is full of blueberries which have lots of natural vitamins and are an antioxidant. It also contains Irish moss gel to soften the skin and almond oil to moisturise. The mask is designed to calm and soothe the skin, particularly if it is red, irritated or has inflamed spots. It has Chamomile which has lovely natural soothing properties to reduce redness and irritation.

To use the mask, scoop some up and apply it to your face and neck, avoiding the eyes. Leave it for five minutes or so and it will dry; you can then wash it off with warm water. I was really pleased with the results. It was far less messy than the Cupcake mask and easier to wash off. Afterwards my face felt really clean and fresh. When I applied the mask it felt really cold and smooth, so I think it would be very soothing if your skin were irritated. I incorporated this mask into a pampering session, which helped to make it even more relaxing and feel luxurious. I can’t wait to use it again!

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