Lush Candy Mountain Bubble Bar


Check out how beautiful the Lush Candy Mountain Bubble Bar is this year. It’s a beautiful swirled mountain of pink and white, with a dusting of silver glitter on top. The Candy bubble bar is a special Christmas bubble bar that Lush bring out every year, although I believe they vary the shape each time.

I was immediately attracted to this because of how sweet and girly and sparkly it looked next to all the bubble bars. I love sweet smelling bubble bars, particularly The Comforter, but Candy Mountain takes it to a whole new level. It smells incredibly sweet, almost like pure sugar. It has notes of vanilla and is intended to smell like candy floss. The smell reminds me of the Snow Fairy shower gel a little bit.

If you haven’t used a Lush bubble bar, you start running your nice hot bath and then crumble a chunk of the bar under the running tap. You don’t need to use the whole bar in one go. I split this Candy Mountain bar into two but other big bars like The Comforter can be split into three or four. I was really pleased that this bubble bar gave me tonnes of bubbles so my bath felt really luxurious. The sweet candy scent lingered in the air throughout. The bath turned a lovely pale pink shade. It is quite a different shade from the bath water when you use The Comforter. I would describe it as almost a salmon colour.

I was a little worried about the silver glitter on this bar. There is nothing worse than having a nice relaxing bath and then having to scrub it clean afterwards because it is covered in glitter. I was pleasantly surprised this time because Candy Mountain didn’t leave any glitter residue in my bath or a dirty ring around the sides.

I’m definitely sold on this bubble bar and I might have to pick up another before the holiday season ends!


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