Body Shop Hemp Hand Protector


The Body Shop Hemp Hand Protector is a product I wouldn’t have picked myself because, let’s face it, it just doesn’t sound very exciting does it? I inherited it from someone else though, so of course I was going to try it.

It contains hemp seed oil, unsurprisingly, and is designed to restore the moisture into very dry skin and to soften and protect unloved, chapped hands. Basically it’s an intensive rescue treatment for your hands.

To put it mildly, the scent of the Hemp Hand Protector is an acquired taste. It is difficult to compare to anything, but it’s very earthy and natural. It reminds me of being in the forest just after it’s rained when you get the intense aroma of vegetation. I doubt it’s a product many people would buy for the smell and it certainly doesn’t have the luxurious feel you get from most floral and fruity fragrances.

If I had to sum up how the product works, I would say “don’t use a lot, but it works”. You really need only a tiny pea sized blob of this hand cream because “a little goes a long way” is an understatement. The first time I used it I used too much and my hands ended up wet and sticky for ages. It has quite a thick consistency for a hand cream, but it is still really easy to moisturise into the skin and, if you don’t use too much, it absorbs really well.

I have been really impressed with the results. Providing I use it regularly, this hand cream stops my hands from getting dry or chapped. If I have been lax and haven’t used it in a while, it restores the smoothness within a day or two.

At £5 my initial thoughts would have been that this product is pretty expensive for a hand cream. However, it’s turned out to be exceptionally good value for money (and not just because I didn’t pay for it!). I started using the cream in late January or early February, but I still have plenty left as you’ll see below! In fairness, I haven’t used it every single day in this time, but I have used it a fair bit: at the very least, a couple of times a week, and recently every day. I can understand why the Hemp Hand Protector is one of Body Shop’s best sellers.

If you can get over the smell, I would highly recommend giving this product a try. It’s not exactly a luxurious product, but it definitely does the job. I doubt I will repurchase this one because I really don’t care for the smell personally, but I am tempted to try other Body Shop hand creams to see if there’s one that is functional and nicely fragranced. Any ideas?


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