A little life update and haul

Life has been unbelievably hectic for me recently. My Instagram and Twitter followers will already know that I moved house (again!) halfway down the country and have been very busy with work and attending my university course. Luckily my blog hasn’t suffered too much because I had plenty of posts scheduled ahead of time, but I haven’t been as active in reading and commenting on other people’s posts as I would like to have been.

Today’s post is a few photos which might interest/amuse you and also a mini haul of goodies I bought before I left Manchester. The shops are infinitely better than where I moved to. Although I now work in London, I really don’t have time to shop there, more’s the pity!

First thing’s first, the only thing which has got me through the past few weeks has been a caffeine and sugar fix in the form of Pumpkin Spice lattes from Starbucks. I only tried one for the first time this October and I have now had more than I am willing to admit to! I have to say they don’t remind me of pumpkin much, but I do still love their warm, spiced cinnamon-ey goodness.



Now for my mini haul! Firstly, I went to Sports Direct to find some trainers. This isn’t exactly the most exciting thing I could be buying, but it’s still pretty essential! My old ones were tatty and well-worn and needed replacing.


I then went to Topshop to replace my old worn-out jeans. Are you spotting a trend here? I am a huge fan of the Baxter style of jeans. If you haven’t seen these, they are essentially a hybrid between skinny and straight-leg jeans. I find them super flattering because the slight bunched up wider fabric at the ankle balances out the thigh area in a way truly skinny jeans don’t. I ended up buying the Baxter jeans in a usual light blue denim and the dark blue/navy denim as well. On my way to the checkout I also picked up a cute little blue vest top.


I noticed that Boux Avenue has recently opened in the Arndale Centre in Manchester so I’m afraid it was compulsory for me to pop in and check it out. I ended up buying a selection of pretty knickers, but I shan’t be showing you because some things should stay private! I finished up my day at Bravissimo. It was the first time I have had a bra fitting there and it definitely won’t be the last. If you struggle to find your size in ‘normal’ high street shops, I really suggest you try it. There was so much choice and the assistant was so helpful that it was my least stressful bra shopping experience ever! I also picked up one of their hidden support PJ tops which is so comfy!


Finally I’m going to finish a snap I took mid-way through my packing. Despite having done my best to throw out old, worn clothes and shoes and taken as much winter stuff to my parents before-hand as I could, I seem to have acquired a great in the time I was in Manchester. Still, we got it all in the car okay and it is now sitting in the hallway and in my bedroom in boxes and bags, begging to be unpacked!


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