MUA Lipstick Shade 16 Nectar


I bought this lipstick on impulse whilst shopping in London recently. I don’t wear pink lipsticks at all at the moment as I feel much more comfortable with nudes, browns, burgundies or orangey-corals. I decided to try and ease myself into pink gently so I picked this shade because it’s a pinky-peach but still has a definite warm orange undertone. I was excited to see that this shade has a name – Nectar. MUA lipsticks are notoriously confusing because the first 13 shades didn’t have names, however the latest 3 do (Bare, Juicy and Nectar).

I would describe this as more of a Spring or Summer shade than an Autumn or Winter shade, although it might be nice if you want to inject a bit of fun and sunshine into your Autumn look. It is really pigmented so when you initially apply it it’s quite a shocking, vibrant colour at first, but you can blend it out really easily with a clean finger or brush to get a much more subtle look, making it wearable both day and night.


I’m sure a number of you will have tried MUA lipsticks before, but if you haven’t I strongly suggest you do. They are really moisturising on your lips and they last really well. They don’t transfer at all unless you apply an awful lot of it and they dry quickly but don’t look or feel dry. Not bad for £1!


Nectar isn’t as forgiving to chapped lips as a lot of the shades do and unfortunately it will accentuate any particularly dry areas so you definitely need to exfoliate your lips with a lip scrub before applying it.

Overall, I am pleased I gave this a try, but I think I’ll add it to my Spring lipstick collection for the time being and look for something a little more Autumn friendly. Any suggestions of pinks that might suit me?



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