MUA “Dolly” Cream Blusher



If you read my recent wishlist post you’ll know I’ve been in the market for a new blusher for some time, having used my Bourjois blusher to death. I decided to try a cream blusher for a change and for a more natural every day look. It occurred to me whilst browsing Superdrug that it’s probably not a good to spend a fortune on a cream blusher until you know you like them, so I decided to go cheap and cheerful and get one of MUA’s cream blushers. I went for the shade Dolly as it seemed the most natural one they had in stock. 



The first thing that struck me about this blusher might sound a little silly, but really it’s kind of fundamental! It is so unbelievably hard to open! I don’t know if there’s something wrong with me and there’s actually a really obvious trick to it, but I have tried loads of time and the only thing that seems to work is brute force! This is pretty disastrous if you are either a) running late, or b) wearing really nice nail polish that took you hours. Can anyone help me or do I need to permanently snap the plastic clasp off?

Okay, so on to the product itself. The blusher itself is much like I imagine most cream blushers are: creamy! It glides really well onto the skin and takes hardly any effort at all to blend. I’m really pleased I picked this colour as I think it looks really natural on my skin and just gives me that radiant, fresh faced, effortless glow I’m after. I’d definitely describe it as a daytime blusher rather than an evening blusher though as it’s hard to build a significant level of colour. 

I was warned by a couple of people that I shouldn’t expect much from MUA cream blushers as apparently they are notoriously bad at lasting. I have to say I agree to a certain extent. If I use it in the morning I sort of feel like it needs reapplying by midday. I wouldn’t mind this at all if I could open the damn thing easily, I’d just keep it in my make-up bag in my handbag. Unfortunately, until I can work out how to open it, I am a bit stuck which is disappointing because in all other ways it’s lovely.  😦

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