Autumn Lush Haul


Today’s post is one of my favourite types: a haul post! I went a little bit crazy in Lush today, completely on a whim, I just went in to browse. The Autumn/Winter limited edition items are in store now and I couldn’t resist stocking up! Here’s what I bought:


Tea Tree Toner Tab and Dream Steam Tab –Β These adorable little tabs are designed to be dropped into a bowl full of hot water to infuse with the steam. The shop assistant told me that the Tea Tree Toner Tab is great for spot prone skin as it delivers a good concentration of tea tree which has antibacterial properties. The Dream Steam Tab is more for relaxing and calming your face at night. It contains a blend of different essential oils like Lavender and Chamomile.


I picked up three different limited edition Halloween products: Lord of Misrule Bath Bomb,Β Soot Ball Bath Bomb and Pumpkin Bubble Bar.Β 




I also picked up an old favourite, the Dragon’s Egg Bath Bomb. If you don’t know, this bath bomb fizzes away to a really rich, gold centre with glitter inside!


Cupcake Face Mask – I haven’t tried a Lush face mask before so I decided to start myself off gently by getting this one as it’s sort of their ‘starter’ face mask. It’s designed for young adults and people with oilier skin. I would describe my skin as combination: normal and oily, so this certainly won’t hurt it. It smells incredible, just like a pot full of chocolate mousse!


Rose Jam Shower Gel – I spotted this limited edition shower gel by the till and I quickly popped it into my basket. I expected it to smell a bit “old granny” like rose scented things often do, but it really doesn’t. It smells like a lovely mix of rose, vanilla and berries with a really fresh hint of lemon. Yum!


9 thoughts on “Autumn Lush Haul

  1. We don’t have aLUSH anywhere near us so I’ve never tried any of that, but I am definitely going to be ordering online!!!! That stuff looks awesome! πŸ™‚

  2. Now I absolutely must buy the cupcake mask! It sounds so sweet and different and I’m always a sucker for anything cute.. So I might have to get that adorable pumpkin bubble bomb too! Terribly inspiring πŸ™‚

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