Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Concentrated Hand Cream


I mentioned this product very briefly in my handbag essentials post as I carry a miniature version of this hand cream around with me. It will supposedly give immediate and lasting relief for seriously dry or chapped hands. I decided I would elaborate a little so as to give a more reasoned explanation as to while I dislike it so much.

First up I usually talk about fragrance. This hand cream doesn’t smell bad, but it doesn’t smell particularly good either. It is virtually unscented which always leaves you with a lingering hint of chemicals in the background. They aren’t particularly offensive in this hand cream though, so it’s not really a problem.

The concentrated formula sounds excellent in theory and is one of the things which attracted me to this product. If it’s concentrated and you don’t need to use so much, your hand cream will last longer and save you money. In reality though, I hate the concentrated formula. I take a tiny dab and attempt to rub it into my hands, but it is so thick that it can be a real struggle to ensure that my hands are evenly coated so I ended up using more. Then I have too much on my hands and they feel sticky and clammy.

I also don’t think that this hand cream has a particularly long lasting effect. Once I have applied it, my hands feel fine for a few hours, but it wears off and they feel dry again by the end of the day. The product just seems to stay on the surface of the skin rather than absorbing properly, and my hands don’t feel very thoroughly hydrated.

As you will have gathered, this hand cream thoroughly disappointed me and I definitely won’t be purchasing it again. I find it difficult to use and I don’t think it really works as a hand cream. The concentrated formula was a good idea in theory, but I just don’t think it has worked in this instance.

What do you think? Has anyone tried this hand cream and actually liked it?

3 thoughts on “Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Concentrated Hand Cream

  1. It’s the only thing which cures my mums extremely chapped (often to the point of bleeding) hands in the winter, perhaps it’s for more extreme cases? I hated it though, too thick and sticky!

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