Lush “The Comforter” Bubble Bar

SAM_1144I got home from a trip away and was greeted by a surprise from my lovely boyfriend. Some boys buy flower or chocolate, but mine knows me better than that and buys me cosmetics instead!

This is The Comforter Bubble Bar from Lush and it’s one of my absolute favourite Lush products. Not only does it look really gorgeous, but it smells heavenly too. It contains a number of different essential oils including Bergamt Oil, Cassis Absolute and Cypress Oil. The Cassis Absolute is extracted from blackcurrants so it gives the bubble bar the really rich, fruity scent of juicy blackcurrants.


The bubble bar will give you lots of different baths, so don’t use it all at once. I usually cut a bar this size into four chunks. To use it in your bath, you crumble a chunk under running water.

The Comforter is ethically friendly too: preservative free, vegan friendly, and made with a lot of natural ingredients and naturally occurring substances as well as some safe synthetics.

I really love the smell of most of the Lush bath bombs, but I find them disappointing. Firstly, the smell doesn’t seem to translate to the bath water so while the bath bomb itself smells great, once it’s used the smell seems to get lost. Secondly, there are no bubbles! Neither of these problems apply to The Comforter. The sweet berry fragrance fills the whole bathroom and, as you’ll see below, there are no shortage of bubbles! Sheer indulgence!


2 thoughts on “Lush “The Comforter” Bubble Bar

  1. I’ve never used one of their bath bomb because I feel like it’s suck a waste of money for only 2-4 baths, I’m much one for their massage bars and solid shampoo bars! Although this pink bath is super cute.

    • The bath bombs are expensive for one bath but I think the bubble bars like The Comforter are quite good value for money. You can easily get 4 or 5 baths out of one so its roughly £1 a bath. Yes its more than a bottle of bubble bath from a supermarket but it feels so much more luxurious.

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