Olay Essentials Refreshing Face Wash


As I was walking to the checkout in Tesco the other day I spotted this Olay face wash on offer so I decided to try it. I thought it would be perfect for mornings. I like to have something to clean my face when I get up, but it doesn’t feel right using my Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish cleanser when I have no make-up on because it was so expensive.

The face wash has quite a pleasant fresh smell. You wash your face with water so that your skin is wet, apply a small amount of the face wash, work it into a lather, and then wash it off. The first time I used this product I used an amount the size of a 2p coin (sorry international readers!) and discovered the hard way that this is far too much! It lathers like crazy and sort of went everywhere and was really hard to wash off. Since then I have used an amount the size of a 5p coin and this works far better. Clearly a little goes a long way.

The face wash is a nice way to start my morning in the sense that it makes my face feel clean and refreshed ready for moisturiser and make-up, without making it feel tight or dried out.
However, after a couple of uses I noticed my eyes were getting really sore in the mornings. I obviously close my eyes when I wash my face (I’m not totally stupid) but it obviously contains some pretty irritating chemicals if it can make my eyes sore even when they are closed. I checked the back of the bottle and it warns you to avoid contact with eyes. I find this a bit ridiculous – how can you wash your face without getting any of it near your eyes? I guess the solution is you have to be really careful when applying it to make sure you give your eyes a wide berth, but who has time for that in the morning?

I have now confined this product to the shower. I have found I can use it in the shower where there is a lot of water to wash my eyes out afterwards, because simply wiping it off with a muslin cloth or splashing my face doesn’t cut it. I definitely won’t be re-purchasing it when it’s all used up! Cleanse and Polish might be pricey, but at least I can rub it all over my eyes without worrying they will end up watering and feeling sore!

2 thoughts on “Olay Essentials Refreshing Face Wash

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