No 7 Stay Perfect Liquid Foundation



I have spoken about this foundation numerous times on my blog recently so I decided it was about time I did a proper review.
As many of you will already know, I am a big fan of No 7 and I think they are generally quite underrated as make-up and cosmetics brands go.

I went to the No 7 counter to discuss the right foundation and shade I should buy for a wedding. I wanted something that would last all day so the assistant recommended the Stay Perfect foundation which was new to me. She used her Foundation Match Made Device tool to read the different colours and tones in my skin and the result was between two shades: Warm Ivory and Calico. I have had Warm Ivory in other foundations and I explained that I just found it a bit orange for my skin in the winter time and I would rather start with a paler base and build up colour with blusher and/or bronzer. She gave me a sample of the foundation in the paler shade Calico to take away and try out a few times. I used the foundation on many different occasions, including my friend’s wedding, and loved it so much I have now purchased it!

The foundation comes in a lovely glass bottle with a pump dispenser so it’s very easy to use and feels more expensive than some of the other No 7 foundations which come in plastic squeezy tubes. It is a medium coverage foundation with SPF 15. It gives a matte finish and is specifically designed to last up to 16 hours without any need to re-touch.

I pump a couple of dabs of foundation onto the back of my hand and use my Eco Tools flat foundation brush to dab it onto my face and blend it evenly into my skin. I find it so easily to apply. Even though it isn’t a light coverage foundation, it still glides easily across the skin to give me a lovely even coverage. It also lives up to it’s promise of lasting incredibly well. I’m not sure 16 hours is quite accurate, but it certainly lasts longer than any other foundation I have used. I apply it in the morning before leaving the house, and I certainly don’t have to worry about touch ups until the late evening before going out again.

Basically, I’m incredibly impressed by this foundation and I consider £14 quite a bargain considering the quality of the product!

4 thoughts on “No 7 Stay Perfect Liquid Foundation

  1. I love your review 🙂 I’m really tempted to try this now because I adore long lasting foundations xoxo

  2. sounds like a lovely foundation, must check out the NO.7 foundation matcher next time I’m in Boots

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