Nad’s Ingrow Solution


I tried a new salon in Manchester a couple of weeks ago and I really regret it. The beauty therapist seemed to be in a rush to get home and did a terrible job. I’m 99% sure most of the hairs were just broken off instead of pulled out from the root because they started growing back days later. Worse still I have had a couple of really bad ingrown hairs since. I spotted the Nad’s Ingrow Solution whilst browsing Boots and decided it was worth a try.

Nad’s claims that this product will release ingrown hairs and minimise redness. It contains Witch Hazel which has natural anti-inflammatory properties and Aloe Vera which is very soothing. You squeeze some into your hands and apply to the affected area daily until the redness and irritation subsides.

I can’t say I find the smell of this product particularly pleasant. The Aloe Vera scent is quite strong, which is fine, but it also smells quite heavily of chemicals to me. However, this isn’t really a product that you buy for the smell. So, does it work?

I have found that the product does reduce redness associated with ingrown hairs and it is very soothing. It doesn’t instantly solve the problem but I do think it helps to manage the ingrown until the hair can work its way to the surface. I have also found that I haven’t experienced any more ingrown hairs since I started using it, so I think it does work and on that basis alone I would recommend trying it if you struggle with ingrown hairs.


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