New Look – Khaki Cotton Twill Hooded Utility Jacket


I thought for today’s post I’d share with you a coat I bought from New Look recently ready for Autumn.

There’s a little bit of an amusing story behind this coat. A few weeks ago I was leaving London to head to Manchester. I was in a bit of a hurry so once my ticket had been checked, I jumped straight on the train the conductor pointed at. As I took my seat the train announcements started playing and they seemed a bit… off. Penrith? Glasgow? I realised I was on the wrong train so I grabbed my bag and got off the train as soon as possible and sprinted across the platform to the right train. I breathed a sigh of relief as my Manchester bound train pulled out of the station, only to then realise my (fairly expensive) coat was still merrily on its way to Glasgow. So, here is the temporary replacement I bought. My original coat and I have since been reunited thanks to the amazing generosity of a friend who went to collect it and posted it to me.

This Khaki Cotton Twill Hooded Utility Jacket was £34.99 from New Look. It’s light but still gives you a bit of coverage and warmth so its perfect for Autumn days. I thought it might be a bit shower resistant when I bought it but I think that was wishful thinking as it does seem to absorb a fair bit of rain if you don’t have an umbrella. Still, I think it’s a really stylish yet comfortable addition to winter outfits and I’m really pleased with it. I especially like the fact it is nipped in at the waist so it’s really flattering.

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